Certain "Offers", i.e., "Loot Boxes" that are Missing Odds

Not sure if this counts as a bug, or may be just an oversight, but this is a critical issue. Essentially, both Apple and Google (on their respective app stores) require that any app on the store disclose exact odds for the contents of “loot boxes.” The term “loot boxes” is meant to include basically anything that is a random draw of money or in-game currency that is directly obtained via real money.

Scopely mostly complies with these requirements very well, and I applaud them for that. However, two common offers seem to not comply with this requirement:

  1. Level Up Bag
  2. Raid Bundle

There may be others, but I’m not aware of them. But, as can clearly be seen in the screenshots below, these offers do not distinguish odds for drawing 3 versus 5 Burts/Bradys and 1 versus 2 Raid Cans/World Cans, respectively. This does not comply with the app stores’ requirements, and also does not conform with Scopely’s excellent transparency with the rest of your offers and other “loot boxes.”

I’m sure this is simply an oversight, or maybe a relic from olden days when odds were not typically disclosed. I simply ask that these odds be disclosed so that customers may be accurately informed as to the likelihood of receiving these items.

Thanks, and to Scopely, feel free to contact my email on file regarding this issue.

attached: 4 screenshots

Most commonly missing when they are won not bought… it’s where scopes interprets it as they don’t need to disclose.

Are you suggesting they are being opportunistic with apple/androids TOC?
Curious how scopes would react if that happened to them?


I am sure that is a simple oversight. They comply on the dozens, if not hundreds, of other “loot boxes” they offer.

These are also pretty low dollar items, relative to many of their offers, if they had something nefarious in mind.

That’s where you’re wrong kiddo.

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Sorry I didn’t catch this on my first read of your comment - you are absolutely correct on that, and that is absolutely fine. There is no requirement to disclose odds for “pulls” or “random loot” that is obtained via purely in-game actions. For example, if you killed a boss in an RPG, you wouldn’t expect the game to tell you, oh, there’s this % chance of this many coins, this % chance of this sword, this % chance of this armor, etc…

However, the offers I posted and screenshotted in this thread are obtained directly from cash via the in-game virtual currency, thus I believe their odds should be expanded (as Scopely has done for virtually every other real cash-for-loot offer that they have. I think these are likely just very old offers that are still recycled, and they haven’t realized they need to be updated.

Would be happy if someone would tag a Scopely official here, just so they are made aware. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

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It’s not interpretation this is exactly how the rules work.

They don’t need to be updated at all, both these offers comply with Apple and Google standards. Please check your facts next time before accusing.

Google’s policy: “Apps offering mechanisms to receive randomized virtual items from a purchase (i.e. ‘loot boxes’) must clearly disclose the odds of receiving those items in advance of purchase.”

In contrast to Apple’s, with which the offers probably comply: “Apps offering ‘loot boxes’ or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.”

Thus, I’d disagree with your smarmy comment. Aka, you are wrong.

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Great term… It applies to a lot of things around here


You can disagree all you want but if you were actually correct then the odds would be in the game already. The TOS for “odds” and “loot boxes” are just guidelines. All the boxes in the game comply with Apple and Google standard. Thank you for trying to bring light to this situation but you are wrong. Keep fishing and maybe you’ll get a bite one of these days.

Welcome. Strong start


Emphasis mine.

No they’re not, they’re Terms of Service.


lmao :joy:

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Lol at the scopely account that was made today :rofl:


I could tag lots of people about this but tbh they dont really come on the forums and esp right now as we are all in an uproar about the typhoon event, zhu, s class, etc. Wont be surprised if the CMs take a week vacation after that s class drops again. Best bet is to contact google or apple, whoever you use about it, if these are offers bought with in game money or with real money, the odds have to be posted. If won from lets say raids or level up, they dont have to be posted, tho that would be really nice but this is scopely after all

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