Certain level on new accounts to subscribe?

do you have to be a certain level on new accounts before you can subscribe?

No all are welcome to spenders club regardless of level

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You can only get it on iOS and Google Play. No other app stores are offering it.

it is google

They should really be required to put an asterisk next ascendable on that ad.

Your one and only TWD account on that Google Play-Account? You can’t sub the same App two times with one account


account created just for game

Well, then I am out of ideas. :smiley: sorry

Anybody have any idea

yes i have … dont do it lmao

She you In a beta or a normal region?

I believe should be normal unless new accounts go to beta

Consider this as saving you from putting money in the pockets of this company. Go spend it on something more wholesome like hard drugs, strong liquor or loose women

don’t sign up man its a rip off
i am/was member for 2 months
they promised us this weekly rewards you’ve seen them trainers and gold mods and gear
guess what? a dozen players never received this rewards … i tried for help from support lmao what a joke , no help at all
waste off money

Was just trying to do free trial lol I know better than to waste $ on it

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