Certain character bugs


There’s an issue with characters killing an enemy, but continuously keeps hitting causing character (s) being killed by decapitate or by another character, (specially the multiple hit characters) which should of been only killed by the character that killed the enemy first. As well as a 3-4 second delay so information can catch up. #j.b knows of the situation. But like a fix. Had to leave faction cause of it. Thanks :+1:


I am so lost


If I have worked out what you are saying, and it is a stretch, what you are probably experiencing is that on auto it appears that the attacks are happening in a different order to reality?

And the lag is annoying as hell. Not sure what leaving a faction has to do with it.

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Why did you have to leave your faction?

I mean « switching off the game and deleting it because it is so buggy » i wouldn’t have blinked at, but leaving your faction seems melodramatic and unnecessary To me.

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