Certain buttons hard to use on Huawei P20 lite Android device



I saw this below post, and wanted to know if anyone is still experiencing this, I got a new phone the Huawei P20 lite yesterday, and I also now have the same problem that I find it hard to click on certain buttons like the X in top right corner. When will this be fixed, it is extremely frustrating.

since i have a new smartphone with android 9 i can’t play RTS without problems.

The Problem is, i can’t click on several Buttons in the game, especially in the Corners (e.g. the X in the right Corner). I Always have to click some milimeters next to the button (see red arrow on Image). If i click directly on the button, nothing happens.
If i start the game, i Can see two bars on the left and the Right (gren arrows). after loading the game the app gets streched and the game is Fullscreen. For me it Looks like the screen is getting streched but the functions and Buttons stay at the same position.


hello , me too i have that problem i use a P20 Pro and it does that i have to press next to to the button to make it work ^^


Hi have the same problem…


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