Censorship and our constitiutional rights


Yes its the most common words that are used often thats creating the issues. Best thing is stay classy and talk minimal lol Best of Luck :wink:


I did the same thing. I think I said
“Only an a-hole would think a defence like that would ever work”


I was legit trying to be helpful … But all they are doing is ruining the social aspect of the game… One of the best parts of the game. If we are forced to use line/kick/discord to talk sooner or later we will just talk on line and be done with the game.


I think people may be missing an entirely different issue, as far as the chat bot goes. Besides the points that everyone is bringing up: Is it a violation of free speech? Nope, Scopes is a private company and does not apply. Is it over tuned and broke? Yes, but it is being refined. This brings me to the issue I believe is being missed.

The chat program is probably a machine learning type algorithm, that is being refined. What do those programs need to be refined? Lots of data. What better place to get tons of data than the captive group of players sending mass amounts of chat in game.

How much you want to bet that as revenue from in game spending is going down, the company has decided to use the player base to help refine its chat program, which it will then sell for tons of cash. The chat program requires no humans to run and since it has been speculated that they are sun setting RTS, they don’t really care how many players they piss off.


Saying a mobile game violates our constitution is like killing a squirrel with a burst from an A-10…

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