Censorship and our constitiutional rights


You keep posting that same thing that isnt backing you up. Please find another thread to take the sustainance of this is wrong and stand against it not argue defend it and dance in circles. I bid you good day sir, and may i say you have a lovely bridge.


Do they have the right, yes.
Should they do it, no.

People are pissed.
“This isn’t that game I signed up for”

The Golden rule of running a casino is dont rock the boat. You don’t want people to look around and think about where they are (what time it is)


Exactly. I don’t necessarily agree on how much they’re overdoing it, but to say that it is illegal by not informing them of the ToS changes is stupid.


A TOS that says they can change it at will without notification is as legally binding as me saying I own something cause I spat on it

It’s foolish they didn’t even warn people


I’m over this thread. So much pointless effort wasted here.

Let’s go make the world a better place rather than educating people whom feel they are entitled to things their way for legal reasons that are not real.


@Greedygringo Completely with you on getting rid of this plain daft tool, but let’s not focus on it with a weak argument or they’ll throw the baby out with the bathwater


I did a quick scan; I see no mention of them being able to change the ToS without notification. Mind quoting it for me?



Not sure that and RTS have ever been used in the same sentence before.


That’s the updated version of the TOS not the one originally agreed to when the game was first downloaded? I think I remember a thread about this a while back


That’s talking about the game, not the ToS.


hidden scopely employee , mr @Wanderer, can try and justify it all day long but when I type in faction chat “I’m at 10500 of whatever it is for Marlon” and 10500 gets censored the common decency should prevail and one should admit bot is wrongly coded, let alone lack of machine learning involved. couple of semi advanced developers could have executed it better from a bedroom.


If you really want a demonstration of your rights to freedom of speech go stand out side you local police station and shout “f*** the police”, go slander some really rich person in public or maybe go inciting racial hatred somewhere. Tell everyone what snowflakes ( whatever that actually is ) they are being and demand it is your right under freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a myth.

If you don’t get why they have done this, go look at what the CEO of Instagram had to publicly grovel about last week, however dissingenuous it probably was. This may not be the same but people are getting tired of online companies choosing to do nothing about what goes on in their little slice of the online world.

I can understand people complaining it doesn’t work very well but demanding a right to be abusive is a bit of a stretch from being a violation of your human rights.


There are freedoms of speech, it just isn’t applicable in every situation. Freedom of speech is more so a protection against the government in regards to criminal charges or political persecution. A private entity cannot charge you criminally, but they can impose restrictions if you want to use their services. You can choose not to use their services, but doing so requires rules to be followed.


Its more about common courtesy as business to fix the errors of a broken service. We cant tell someone to politely go fuck themselves no big deal. The big picture is that active players and leaders of top factions cant collaborate with their teams to organize a terri attack or even call team mates by their names. What goods a faction event if 3-4 of your team cant really participate. This game thrives on social interaction and GGs faction is a damn good one! Bans not just affecting him and his 29 others but the top 5 factions as well. We are a relatively close region even with strong competition. Hes not asking for the whole censor to be lifted just fix the normal words that are being flagged as offensive and give us our access to chat at least FC.


It’s a self-labelled strategy game and I am unable to strategise


I have a guy in my faction named Kid. I typed “I like kid.” The whole phrase got censored. What the balls, Scopely?


Oh yea that’s a perfectly fine request. But it clearly isn’t a breach of the ToS or any violation of freedom of speech that some are claiming it to be.


I could care less honestly. Just let me talk to my team and restore chat to my region to those who lost it over ignorance. Fix whats broken.


I mentioned someone having “a hole” in there defense and it was blocked… I did not get banned or anything but i finished the conversation off game and really havent talked much in game since. Is this a bad word… i guess if stated that someone is and a hole then maybe. but really I need to find a different way of saying you have a hole in your defense with michonne?