Censorship and our constitiutional rights


I sentence everyone who complained to make this censorship a thing to use a headset and play xbox live for 8 hours a day so they can cry it out and learn what real internet troling has to offer.


Every topic I’ve seen related to censorship was straight up removed prior to the update. Only when it came out and people started getting the ban hammer did they allow any comments on it because the sheer number couldn’t be handled I guess. I put up a completely objective poll out that was removed by staff prior to update because it was deemed inappropriate, LMAO. This is probably the worse thing I’ve seen implemented in game, and I’ve been around since the start.


Same enigmatic, i have played from the first week it was out, took a break when they started becoming greedy swine, came back saw they were greedier but offering free things to players finally so i assumed their customer care got better…it did not, theyre bandits, they took the money and ran and now theyve removed the only means of commuication from the players, they have truly hit a new low even for scopely. There were always some bs bugs over the years but nothing this destructive to a detramental dynamic of gameplay. I cant even send a chat app id to be able to 3rd party strategize due to ###### like honestly it is something out of this world.




Is it the same filter that was tested on the forums 1st lol and wasnt there a ban wave with that too ohh the joy


same but yeah censorship isn’t good. I think they’re could be other ways to deal with harassers


I see where you’re coming from but scopley is a private company there for it’s their yard, their rules


You can’t censor a game for adults. Especially when said game’s story maps throw out f bombs every other word. You’re belittling your adult base by punishing them for free speech. People can use the block button. Censoring Americans which is the base of your paying players is causing all kinds of unnecessary faction drama.
Banned faction Leaders and Co leaders during faction events? Wtf are you thinking? Maybe address an important issue like territory bugs and hackers. Expect a lot of players to quit if this isn’t addressed.


Lol at those making the hilariously misinformed “free speech / rights” argument


Where has it said your freedom of speech rights apply when using a private server?

Freedom of speech only applies on public land. Just as you may be fired for what you say when at work (on private property).

But please go ahead. Tell me about you assumed rights.


Stop overexagerrating like a politician.


Seems like its bs.

I know they are a religious company and that’s partly why they are closed on Sundays. The other being the founder believes everyone deserves a day of rest. More business should follow this practice.


I said nothing about free speech. I said the base of their players are American. We like to curse. Plus they are belittling their player base punishing them for words their maps use.


You are right, It’s a false story


Responded to the OP not your post.

… But since I’m here…

But yes clearly they can

This is storytelling directed at imaginary characters VS directed at others. Very different things.

Lol. How so, seems to be the players faults.

I expect little impact.

Anyways. I really don’t care if there is a filter. Like all things, play by the rules set by the developer. They’ve just finally put rules in place to put an end to some truly unacceptable situations that have happened. If it needs to be strict to drive the point across, so be it.


False or not, it’s funny to see the fascination of how people can’t separate an individual from the company. Even if the owner’s personal view is disgusting, I don’t think it really changes what Chick Fil A sells for products.

That’s just me, but damm their sandwiches taste good.


Preach, i eat there once a week lol. And to be fair, each individual location is ran a certain way.


At the end of the day scopely is a business, they accept your money for a product and or service. They have laws they have to abide by which they clearly disregarde in some of the features they implement in game. They cannot punish you for something you werent aware of, if they didnt make us sign a new user agreement we werent informed of the new features even when you read the info before the download in google store there are little to no details. You cannot be held accountable for something you were mis informed of or not informed of at all. Ignorance isnt a right to ignore something but just as we have a responsibility to follow the rules they have a responsibility to inform us of the rules as they change. They can have an offer to buy something for $134 pop up on your screen whenever you enter and leave a road map but they cant have a dislosure of a new user agreement of their policies? Or an inbox wirh a link that actually explains whats going on? I already said my name was more theatrics than anything but what is happening here is real, if not outright illegal it definitely blurs the lines of, and if nothing else is the lowest form of customer care i have ever seen from a corporation with this much proffit margin and such little overhead. These are just my thoughts and opinions i hope i am still entitled to as a canadian citizen. I emplore you all to kick up a fuss over this or what will their next step be?


No that’s not how it works. You do not have rights to use their server outside of the rules they place.

Lol. Did you know with regard to decrimination, It’s only against the law if it fits under a protected class (race, sex, etc).

When did ‘entitled gamer’ become a protected class?


I wont argue with a trol, that really is how it works.