Censorship and our constitiutional rights


You can’t even say another faction members name without getting censored. It’s pointless to use chat if you can’t use it freely. They should review in what context the profanity is being used and if someone is ACTUALLY getting bullied and not just banter. We should be faithful we can still play the game for free? Gg has spent thousands on his account at free will but nevertheless still is a paying customer just to get banned on a game he’s spending money on to play. Lots of other players are as well. If anything scopely is losing the people that spend the most by pulling this crap.


Yes but remember

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I know that there had been a lot of anti same sex marriage controversy regarding the company. I guess I just assumed they were racists too.

There are accounts of employees being racist but I specifically said the owners. It seems like claims they are racist are no more than accusations. I apologize for the misinformation. I should have not tried to pass that off as if it were common knowledge.


I was reading.


Maybe clever means something different in Spain?


Ok, I’m gonna throw my two cents in cause this is starting to upset me as well. No, your argument of them violating your rights is wrong but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an end around to get to where ya wanna go. I would recommend compiling a list of words that are removed that are not offensive but are words commonly used by only a small region or race of people. The removal of these words could be considered discriminatory and could be a real problem for the future of this chat filter.


I’m currently in the same situation, I’ve tried to keep it pg 13 and hold my bible while talking in gc but there are no guidelines to what is filtered/censored and what is not. I was banned for trying to tell a person in gc to add me on line app so I guess that is profane or racist or whatever scopes thinks it’s. Instead of adding a chat filter how about scopely invest in a profanity filter/switch just as most mmos, you have the option to read the profane words or you can flip the switch and have it censored out. As it stands with this current filter situation it’s more of a do as i say and not as I do. Negan can say what the ƒųçķ in their game but we’re not allowed to do so, so double standards are being implied. Just putting my 2 cents in.


Thats already been done and i appreciate the constructive feedback, thank you apache


That “clever piece of tech” has proven to be dumb as f***ing brick!!!


A few top factions in Newberry is seeing this. #3 faction i believe we are up to 5 ppl who cannot chat and simple things as telling someone they arent fat or bragging about our childs basketball games or heck even trying to plan a strip mall attack got us banned. Its insane! Factions are hurting to communicate and operate and our region as a whole has lost activity because the social aspect of the game plays a huge role! When ppl quit over this nonsense wave of bans and scopley losses money in their pocket then will you do something?? Obviously youre aware of all these forum posts can we please get some insight on what to expect???


Doesn’t matter that people don’t like it and it’s ridiculous, or that people who pay to play get banned. Scopely is utterly determined to take the fun out of this game. Just scroll and see how many times Andrea has locked all topics related to this topic. People have been trying to discuss their opinions on the issue as well as impartially present plain facts, and they get shut down. Don’t mean to sound like a tinfoil hat but it looks like a real push to drive as many people out of the game as possible.


No. They’re doing this on purpose to make people quit. Scopely has newer, better games that are probably making more money. This is the final phase of getting rid of TWD: RTS.


Interesting. I dont know of any other scopley game and if this is true this a horrible horrible way of doing away with a game.


Legitimately k our regions dying by the minute with people retiring over this and if they dont resolve my issue today im out with them and scopely can lose my contribution to their childrens college funds, this is down right ridiculous and unacceptable. Its like the primates at the top of scopely hq threw poop around for 4 hours and the idea with the most crap stuck to it got implemented as a fix.


She didn’t close them as such, she merged them into existing threads. Technically the forum should be used as one topic = one thread. Rather than one topic = 59 threads lol


Looney Tunes, Yahtzee With Friends, Wheel of Fortune, Star Trek Fleet Command etc etc etc.


Give it at least 24 hours GG. They may come up with some bs fix even if minor. We need you and PU to keep our region going. You guys are half our competition! Its total bs and scopley knows it. Its so stupid this launched during faction event weekend.


Unfortunately, no one from Scopely (except their “support”) are here on weekends. IF there’s an answer it probably won’t happen until Tuesday, tbh.


Typical 2-3 day wait for a generic " we are working on it " response.


Want to know the fix? Everyone stop being sensitive, f politically correct, f censorship and if you dont like what youre reading? Theres a block button sweetheart use it and get out the kitchen snowflake.