Censorship and our constitiutional rights


I am going to rant and hope it gets heard.
I can respect trying to clean up the toxicity of the game, what i can not respect is that your game uses the full on f word like 100 times in the main story then people are catching bans with banter with their friends? Bravo scopely bravo. I was one poor soul who got one of these for that reason and even though my ban is up any character i type shows as a # i lead the number 2 faction in my region, i cant inbox, i cant chat, i cant bulletin board, in short i cant lead, my faction members game experience is being destroyed by pure and utter lack of customer input or care. Scopely support has done nothing for me other than say you get muted for breaking terms and service use you arent made aware of until the ban and they say to improve positivity in the community and the censorship will become less restrictive, if you can only type # how can one converse? I would love the online communities support in getting some answers in this matter and we stand together to stand against this because its down right insane and be it a game im sure this level of censorship is illegal when we aren’t made aware of our rights. I would really love to hear from a human within the scopely organization and hear your justification and inteded resolutions the this catastrophic blunder called an update.

GG newberry.


is chat censorship that bad? i dont really talk ingame so idk lol


Well you can’t say half the words you just used lol


God forbid you say Google, Line App or talk about your childs events and add their age, ths chat bot auto ##### and slams you in the ban box


Just typing “forums” gets ###### so it’s bad.


Yup it’s bad. Not sure but possibly seems a little better today? I wasn’t actually banned bcuz when half my conversation was being censored I stopped chatting. I’m a leader of a top ten faction that doesn’t even use profanity. I was getting censored for using the word “google” and “#7 in the tournament road”.


The chat change, more specifically the intelligence of the technology involved, is dumb. I really hope they aren’t too proud to admit defeat and call it off. It’s done more harm than good so far, it didn’t need to be put in the first place. The updated report function is probabky good enough. However let’s not get actual laws confused. Congress can’t take away your speech a business can.

Scopely or IUGO is allowed to tell you what you can’t say in the same way the people who own Chick Fil A are allowed to be racist (anti-discrimination laws apply however). That’s the way it is.


Either fix the bot or get rid of it till someone can write the code correctly, not to mention code the censor bot a gd unabridged dictionary to know what words fckin bleep out!


Scopelys favorite amendment is probably the 5th one.

I had to do it.


Some countries don’t have constitutional rights like the U.S., so no point in ranting about it in game. Be faithful you can still play the game for free until they make people pay to play the game with membership.


When has chik fil a been racist?


1st amendment doesn’t apply here, as Scope is not the federal government. Doesn’t mean I disagree this snowflake filter is ridiculous and needs to go, but using a 1st amendment argument is not the way to go as it doesn’t apply.


I was using the title more as theatrics but at the end of the day they still have many genuinely illegal practices within their app, for example. Those pull odds mean nothing that is false advertising and the “chances may improve with pulls” gives no actual figures, so be it youre not gambling for money but it is gambling and for all intensive purposes and in turn ALL chances of winning MUST be properly represented which anyone whos done pulls know it is not.


This has been overwritten.


And to boot the event chat was for “trash talk” then we are getting banned for doing just that, that smells like entrapment. Lol


You had way to much time on your hands during your ban :joy:


Absolutely no warning. I am the leader of a top ten and I literally cannot even type “why?” in chat, all because i told my team to “kick ass” at raids. @Greedygringo ypu said everything that i want to say. The hypocrisy is astounding. The game is 17+ and the storyline uses worse language than we even atttempt to because we know it will be censored. Ridiculous. This is truly going to be a deal breaker if this isnt fixed after this event. Noone can run a faction without being able to communicate. Put on your sunday shoes good boys and girls and play your game where you murder people after they swear up a storm.


Its weird what gets banned. I typed “too the point” and it came up banned.


Those odds walk a thin line sometimes. Those crates that sometimes say you have 100% of a trainer but don’t specify the odds between a Burt and a Benedict. Really gets under my skin. Very technically speaking it’s not a lie, but it sure is a dick move.


I am still waiting on when chik fil a was racist?