Censorship and fixes that would be better than that crap


The censorship is TERRIBLE. This game is for ages 17+. There is no need to censor us. Ya’ll use the word ‘Fuck’ like a comma in a sentence in the comic cutouts in the roadmaps. The censorship should be OPTIONAL. Instead of worrying so much about what we are saying, you all should fix the game.

Like territories. You try to dewalker a territory and it kicks you out before you can put a team in. OR you finally get it cleared and you put a team in and it kicks your team out while still under Shield for no apparent reason. Having trophies for leagues in territories is also ridiculous.

Pop ups for territories when logging into the game. If you’ve not been on in a couple of hours you have to wait 10 minutes before you can touch anything on your screen because of the notifications. We can’t turn those off either.

Pop ups during war. You try to attack a camp and your offer for the night pops up. Why can’t we turn that off? It’s annoying and costs time. NOTHING should get in the way on our screens when we are at war.

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