Censored words found so far


Don’t forget Alexis either!!


Joe!!! 50+ hours later still banned lol. Also don’t dare try saying anything about your 5,8 or 11 year old because scopley will ban you for 50+ hours.


Well, hi Brian. It’s been a while.




He fanning that horsey cuz he hot af what a nice gentleman


Hit that horse harder and something may happen! :rofl:


Dade is now a banned word, as is meme. @JB.Scopely. And for the record, I have reputation for being ridiculously nice and polite on both global and faction chat. I never even use mild swear words. I don’t understand why it is bleeping out whole portions of congratulatory messages I send my faction.


The more feedback the longer the list goes


A faction mates name was banned (Scum?) and was automatically replaces with “PrettyPony123” (no joke) and he cant change it for 24 hrs.

so if names are at risk of being changed… are faction names safe… should they be getting changed too?


God bloody damn


I’ll try to update this list. And I didn’t read through for ones already said.

Pitch (sometimes is sometimes isn’t oddly enough)
Weirdo (weird, weirder, and other forms are fine though)
Russian Roullette (I don’t why I found that censor so funny)
Nazi (There will surely be debate over that one.)
Made/make love (I get why, yet I don’t)
Breast (Bosom and chest are not censored)
Boobs (see above)
Shill (debatable, just about all of these are debatable lol)
Beer (U.S. Kids hear this word in D.A.R.E. come on…)
Alcohol (above)
Amino (Tried to think how this could be used for evil. I got nothing.)
Underpants (I mean Knickers isn’t censored so…)
Sex (If it’s a word on every form of identification it should be acceptable)
Tardy (as in to be late, for the love of the universe don’t start that debate again)
Kinky (It also means curly, frizzy, etc, but I understand this one)
Penis (Sex Education is at like age 13 is it really that terrible to see these words?)
Vagina (see above)


“Burned 10 cans” turned into ###### ## ####. This is ridiculous…


Couldn’t replicate that one. I believe it though.


The longer I do this, the more I start to find words where I’m like “Okay I get why you might censor that but still…”


I spell it right? Want to be sure. Didn’t replicate for me


I even tried spelling it wrong and it still worked.

And only that variation. Weird. Weirdling. Weirder. Fine. Strange lol


This thing is fascinating, it’s learning, soon it will have all the power. Don’t combine it with the mind stone or we really in for it


Does spackle have any other meaning I’m unaware of?