Censored words found so far


I give up can’t even say hello :frowning:


I am in the same boat.


So are many others. This almost looks like a kill game move




Most people that still play but are not really enjoying the game aspect have been saying for awhile now it’s the social aspect that keeps them coming back. This new filter is effectively taking that away and at a rapid pace. If you can’t be social anymore why keep coming back. Just my opinion but with the recent trend that has been going on and the steady decline of the game it is looking more obvious.


That was a mistake to even give them the idea to censor the story it’s self beyond censoring us. The game is just about officially dead now. We can not talk to one another and the ban is bs because it’s going to ruin tournament communication and besides the ban with the censoring we can’t properly communicate at all. Most still don’t rely on the line app or have time to jump back n fourth to war and to the app to communicate. This is retarded and again too much of the companies involvement in our gaming world #### stay the #### out!!!


Actually “arschloch” is censored lol


This is only the first few days and it was stated that it is a learning algorithm. So it’s building a profile on every word said. Wait till war and it’s hit### then### take### first then### second. #### is a #### tower than####. All because you used the words that were associated with those in a way it took as inappropriate.


I was thinking to much about retiring for so long :confused: thanks scope for letting that happened…thisbis just fucked up cant solve the real problems and just make up one of ur own :frowning: thanks scope


The world “room” is banned. I was telling my faction mates that there is a new censor in the chat room and it flipping censored that. LOL “let’s pick a bunch of random words and #### them”.

Well played Scopely. It’s a pretty funny joke I guess.


Can’t even say kinky. Bullshit


Rage. Tried to explain Road Rage gives more tires. No way I could spell ROad Rage


A score (2.44m) and the word Road were censored out. Wtf. Seriously.


When asking about a player that launched on a # tirade, up his backside is censored, and side by itself is considered bad


I’m no expert in programming but it seems to me the only reason why this is happening is not because Scopely intentionally censored words that shouldn’t be censored, but rather, they used an existing list and may I add a stupid list.

Have a read at this link and you’ll know why:

Never mind for those who think it’s a troll link. Basically, a person can code their program to censor words from an existing Google spreadsheet of words.

Does Scopely use the same code? Who knows? But this is the only plausible reason because:

  1. they are too damn lazy to come up with a proper list of censored words
  2. we all know how they are terrible at QC so they just rip off someone’s Google spreadsheet (or dictionary of bad words) without checking


This type of filter will never work on a game heavily dependent on communication. The filter can not think and interpret context only words. So with out context for what is being said all you get is random ####. Now a 24 hrs ban is followed by a how ever continued block on any attempt to communicate with your faction further alienating you from your faction if you don’t use another app for group communication. A game that relies on communication being censored for game related communication. Can’t even begin to phathom just how stupid this is and will become as more and more is blocked cause a word like the or are was linked to a word deemed inappropriate. Soon we will all be blocked and using nothing but ###### to talk to each other. Great update Scopley!!!


Mumbo jumbo is banned


They said it learns, I’m sure people have reported things being banned after initially being ok.

Maybe Scopley used the code from the link you posted, but let it write its own words to the spreadsheet…


They banned pay pal for some reason


All I said was…bi focals…