Censored words found so far


F word,N word,shit (for some peopol somehow),Roblox(yes),Hitler,Google,forums,Minecraft,69(i dont see what is wrong with this number…its just a number),I want to die(but you can say go commit suicede…well done)Numbers in some cases and others like that that I haven’t found…meanwhile you can’t say fuck but you can say “Human Trafficking”…Well done


Shit is not blocked for everytong

here is me saying shit is not blocked but fuck is


That’s Scopley logic right there


Yep so i cant say my 5 year old wont go to bed . Mutes out 5 year old . Lol


Something that should be censored asap: stevesmooky11


Haha very funny.


heres a list of words that are censored


( that one was a surprise)


(This only make sense if combined with the first word on the list)

And ladies and gentlemen our adversary is a Bot that can learn , this is the exact scenario that allowed skynet to prosper and eventually threaten mankind.

So pick your poison, we either get ultron or skynet


Nope it will be Siri and Cortana that will be the end of us :rofl:




urban dictionary…

yet i can say glass bottom boat?


Latin was censored for me for some odd reason. I think they might be a wee bit racist


German goes through flawlessly :rofl:


but scope can use all the bad words they want in the game! Hi, hat, google, paypal, Asian, o and so many more are censored. I’ve sent screenshots to scopely about this and them cursing. I guess we’re all 5! I thought this game was for 17+ mature guess we’re wrong!


Dictionary being censored.


One of my mate’s usernames is Llerum. He’s being forced to change it for… some reason.
We all refer to him as Rum for shorthand and one other of our faction mates got banned for saying rum too much.




You can’t say dick but dick van dyke is ok. Dick clark too but no dick cheney lol.


Faction member got a 24-hour ban for saying kinky


So you could say, he got the ball gag. How kinky.


Apparently you can’t say " yay my ban is over" cause that was all blocked. So was “really” when I said that one word and the next thing I said was also blocked " I can’t say anything"

this has gotten beyond stupid. What a huge mistake to apply this filter. It’s just not going to or never will work.


Yet another feature not asked for not thoroughly tested forced on the player base. We suffer for incompetent testing again.