Censor has gone rogue


It censored “low on attack set” (mods)

I can’t use my name ‘delfiny’ in game anymore, message comes up saying against t&cs so I’m delf1ny now

Folks getting banned even though they haven’t been abusive or harrassed anyone

The list goes on but to keep it brief:

It seems like the censorship functionality is becoming self-aware and is on a mission to #### with us :roll_eyes:


It’s silly its censored tons of random words like you mentioned. There’s no rhyme or reason and the words aren’t anything bad. Its ridiculous. We have people who won’t talk in chat in game because they got suspended during war. They literally said nothing wrong. Got the excuse they said the same phrase too much. It’s silly to monitor in faction chat. Let the leads decide what’s ok.


You don’t like this ‘better player-to-player interaction’? Lol


I have said this since day one. Go monitor all the public chats but get the hell out of our private chats. Let the faction leaders decide what is and what is not appropriate. If a faction member objects to the chat they can mute specific players or leave the faction. If they are truly being harassed they can report the player harassing them and you can deal with the offender.

Fix this.


It’s set to see repeating words as spam so if you say spam more than a few time they #### it then as most would do you lol they try repeating it again causing the bot to think your spamming more. It’s good you have screen shots hopefully you sorted its a shame support is also run by bots.

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That’s true, but last night it censored the word “I” for me a couple of times. I figured that perhaps the bot was telling me to stop being such a narcissist. LOL

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The best one I think is releasing a toon called Charlie just so everyone can be in chat like “I just bought #######. Errrr I mean Charles. But with an ie.”

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I’ve hardly said anything in FC since censorship became a thing. Usually only some very limited banter during CRW and tower stuff.

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Just get it fixed. Its reached a point where it’s getting embarrassing Scopley and you are borderline harassing your players now :wink:
If you can’t get it to work, disable it until you can.


My thoughts exactly + add a button to disable “mature” language filter.
It shouldn’t be difficult. Even I could code that… :expressionless:


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