Cauldron/spooky stash


Scopely did it again… limit the number of Halloween Collection in the museum so now there is 6 days left and doing the cauldron roadmap is useless. I purposedly bought the Halloween crate daily so that I could pull most of the stash.

Stop putting a limit on museum collections when you can buy items and then max out the collection with days left in the event.


I agree 100% … purchased items should be separated from the museum collection (f2P)


Yeah I kick myself as well bought all the trick or treat sales. Now I got 50 witches hat extra that I each day will grow as I can’t cash them in also 1400 cauldrons.


Glad I am not the only one that sees how wrong this is.


I agree. We shouldn’t be penalized for the little bit of strategic purchasing that we do in order to complete stashes.


It’s very difficult to have hindsight in this game, in certain instances you can’t finish a stash or promo if you don’t basically purchase all items in the shop and in others such as this, you do buy them then can’t take advantage of the free farm items.


Did you really do strategic purchasing if you couldn’t do the proper math?

And the purchase is available for people who have missed days.


Maffs. And it clearly states you can only cash in the collection 20 times.


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