Cauldron excess?



Uhm so, What happens at the end to the cauldrons do they carry over to next year. I am only allowed to hit 8 per day. 80 a day i currently have over 1k of them plus 40 u get daily. I am evening growing more during this raid event. I am also almost maxed out collection for trade ins. Only allow 20. At 16. Will there be more collection opportunity. I feel if not I just wasted money on purchasing all your Halloween trick or treat offers. Hopefully someone from last year has advice or if that JB Scopley knows more. That be great.


Farm the map repeatedly I guess


I think you missed the point


Let’s just hope they get lazy and re-use the cauldron for some collection down the rd like they have for previous items like this


the map drops decent enough xp that its worth farming if they dont do anything with cauldrons, especially come tomorrow when xp map goes away


Really? I don’t think I did.

You have excess cauldrons. The only way to ustilise cauldrons is as energy for the roadmap. Therefore a pretty fucking sensible and right on-point suggestion is to use excess cauldrons as energy to run the roadmap repeatedly


Thanks for ur opinion was hoping someone more knowledgeable can chime. As yes you can farm the map. pretty obvious but not what I was asking. Guess some of us can’t spend 4 hrs straight hitting same map over 100 times in a row. Actually at 1200 now so 120 times in a row Was hoping Scopley show up saying there be a collection open up for them. Heck I be happy for trainer grab bag.


Well if you think Scopley are going to chime in, maybe you’re the one who needs to be more knowledgeable :joy:.


The cauldrons will just disappear, it’s prety standard for these kinds of maps


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