Cat and Mouse avoid the super faction


My Region had a bunch of top factions join but then a super super super faction joined. Now everyone is leaving … I feel like this is going to turn into a game of cat and mouse … everyone is trying to avoid the super super super factions… how many people are moving because of a super faction? Do the super factions feel bad they are driving so many people away? No need to name names or regions… just curious what people are doing


Rewards are easy in Decatur these days.


One of the only good things about being in a region that’s closed. Not dealing with that.


Lol my in top 6 there’s 4 that are new. And let’s just say they the all have a range of 3-6 p13s in each. If they all join up for crw they can make a faction with mostly p13s and some top tier p12s.


Our new super duper super faction has 23 p13 FML


What region lol. That is a definitely gtfo.


the domino effect of region transfers. saw it coming a mile away


Yep, can’t wait till war this weekend so I can see the tears flow of once top 3 faction now out of the top 10… everyone wanted transfers to happen as long as the people coming in sucked


:rofl: So true.

I never wanted them. I knew it was going to be a crapfest. All the 2-5s that couldn’t cut it in their region found a weaker region to take over. No one wants fair competition. They want to dominate. Anyone who set up these recruitment line chats and showed the whale teams just how ripe your region was for dominance deserves to be knocked out of the top ten. You reap what you sow.

Transfers should only have been for the people stuck in low pop regions. No one else.


What Region is this? Does it begin with a T?


Most aren’t looking to compete. Everyone wants active but forgot the time and effort it took to compete regularly. What most want is An active region of people all lower then them not stronger so they can just collect their prizes and basically mail it in everyday.

Just watched it first hand with a former first group lol.


Yeah right… Need receipts :joy::thinking::thinking:


i’m already saving my coins to leave once my current place of business is over run


There is no where to go. Everyone is going to bunch up into a handful of servers. Sure you can go take top 100 with minimal effort in a super dead region but good luck hitting milestones when you search for hours just to find a war.


It’s easy. Don’t care about milestones.


It’s easy just don’t care about anything, and you’ll never feel emotion and never have any problems.


I think most players’ idealistic notion of how transfers would work was that swathes of individual players from dead/dying regions would come and revitalise existing factions in semi-active regions. Instead what’s happened is that pre-made mega factions consisting entirely of P12/13 players have arrived to dominate and destroy whatever already fragile ecosystem was in place, so the factions already struggling to recruit in those regions simply get bumped down the leaderboard and most likely lose more players as a result.

A lot of factions face tough decisions in the near future - where in the past they could get top 10 rewards essentially for just showing up, and top 5 if they put in effort, they now need to put the latter amount of effort into attaining the position of the former. And given how awful the rewards are (and the complete lack of rebalancing/weighting to account for increased/decreased activity), is it really worth the hassle?
So do they stay in the existing region and duke it out for scraps, or move to a quieter place to go back to a more sedate method of getting rewards at the expense of losing the region community they’ve been with for close to 3 years in some cases? Or just take it as a sign and quit altogether? Time will tell, I suppose. Upcoming war could be an eye opener for many.


Exactly. Makes me the happiest player in this game currently.


Beautifully stated post. Thank you.


Just stop spending not worth it been enjoying the freebish characters the last few months.Nothing new really has been added for awhile now and it’s months of the same old same old.