Cash Over Coins and the FTP Caps


One of the sneakier antiFTP tactics I’ve seen Scopely busting out recently is a near complete lack of decent offers that can be paid in coins. Coin offers are pretty much exclusively good for low tier gear, food, energy packs and surprise boxes. Bear necessities really.
Meanwhile cash ones cover everything else from Carl/Mirabbobs, to high tier gear, to most limited time tokens, to Rocket Abe just now. (Also notice how these tend to have much less RNG attached to them. HMMMMMMM)
It’s just another cap for FTP players. At least with coins you can grind and save for something, but a dollar price has no workaround other than directly paying it which FTP players won’t/can’t do. It’s a pretty blatant attempt to try and wane them into paying.
(Also worth mentioning that this starts happening right after Leagues begin to let FTP players have access to a decent amount of coins. Gee, how convenient.)


-Steve was here


i am FTP. i don’t have Carl yet. I wonder: Should I buy him? Scopely very good at getting money for players. Lol


You can get him by ascension…same with Mirable


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