Cash back cards

We all have this wish for a long time…
Please let us trade in excess cards for something valuable. With the Diamond Coins for the Promo wheel, the door was just opened a little itch.

Here is my suggestion: Trade in excess S-class cards for coins (1:1 ratio).

That’s not great, but better than nothing. We could have a slow ramp-up, so lets say we start with Pete cards, and then every week we add two more characters until we are all caught up.


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Interesting idea. Everybody kept saying how they want to swap cards 1:1, to which I said old cards might trade 1:1 with equally old ones, but go down (as low as 5:1) for recent promos.

But coins? Let’s see - i got 2.7k Hengyens and 3.9k Guos besides two 6* of each and was always torn whom to spend the (older) choiceboxes on [preferred Hengyen, but was closer to Guo]. Got some 900 each of Laopo and Daiyu that I’d like to complete at some point too but having one 6* of each, that would be a loooong wait…

Now if there’s a trade in, I might be tempted to blow all of those cards and I bet that would be the case with most impatient folks. Might even ruin their game, actually - after they get zero value (in the TWD casino) for their exchange and regret to not have completed their S-classes eventually…

So, I’d say that trade ins for a specific card should depend on whether you completed the respective S-class collections:

  • 0/2 S-class claimed from museum collection (also applying to those who were lucky to pull a direct S-class) = 5:1 trade in
  • for 1/2 S-class collection claimed = 2:1 trade in
  • for 2/2 S-class collections claimed = 1:1 trade in

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