Carson.. The invincibility rush

Up to me I will suggest to scopley this toon keeps his rush stats, most importantly the group part even after ascended… Probably add an attack to it. Nevertheless, that’s a basic a legendary stat as it is… And he seems fit for a fast and strong lead for defend and HP afterall, he is a doc… Lol

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He’s one toon i’d love to have. That rush makes 6*s cake

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Yeah… 6* Carls rush couldn’t finish him off at less than 400 health with his rush active… Wicked

Suggest on his active skills will be something like 'turning the tide" where he has a chance of returning the weapon stat to the dealer… Like you can get stunned, trying to stun him… Somewhat like “disarm” but, he doesn’t just ignores it in his case, he can return it…


I definitely love to have him that rush is :fire:

Completely agree on his value. I still use him in my main atk teams.

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I had him but ascened him before you could lock toons

Ya know by him doing no dmg
G2s can’t block his debuff

Is he only obtainable by ascension?

Is he going to be an ascendable 6 star?

Supply depot too

According to the update list, he is but we don’t know when… I hope it’s soon

I don’t think he is available anywhere… I think he is limited edition toon, not premier but only comes up during events…

He is in supply depot, i have him available last week, but in the prestige 12 slot

Nice… He never appeared in mine… Got him from an event a long time ago…

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Yeah hes awesome! I love how he hits everyone. It makes them cripple!

Is this suggestions if he gets ascendable or concerns? :=)

nice that he gets the 6* treatment. got a link to the list?

Which new list ?? any one please share the link !