Carnival of the dead doubloon tokens


I am not sure if others are having these issues but I keep forgetting about the dabloons. We get notifications of everything else daily but them.

In fact I have been notified about the new skill and character 100 times over but no dabloon reminder. I think I missed two so far.

It would be nice if this was less hidden.


Yea it doesn’t daily remind you, sometimes i wonder if i missed one. So you have to double check and go in. Kind’ve crappy everything else is shoved on the screen but not the doubloons for a free ascendable. @kalishane


Having trouble remembering something?

Cut one of your fingers off at the first knuckle.
Then, whenever you see your missing digit, you will be reminded of whatever it is you were supposed to do!

Life Hack!


I have plenty of scares and a few surgeries. None of them remind me daily unless they are fresh and bleeding.

Point is everything else is in your face why are rewards or redemption not?

I also totally forgot about the nugget turn in oh well.


I always get a pop up about it when the next days is available.