Carnival of the Dead DAILY login event not daily?


Hello sick friends that play this torturous game,

“Login everyday to collect your free Death Doubloon…”

It’s Feb 17th… I’ve logged in every day and I only have 8 doubloons. Can someone tell me if this event was worded wrong and it is indeed not a daily login event? I haven’t opened any of the stash yet and was going to open all when I got 23. I just noticed I only have 8 doubloons. Do you have more than 8 doubloons? I have my prestige daily streak going so…? I don’t really want anything in the stash besides the Maggie at the end which is the only reason for this post. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


maybe it is only counting your doubloons up to 8. I have received all of mine so far for logging in daily. I have opened 17 so far, 6 more to go. Just open them all up now, no reason to save them all up to collect all at the same time.

The stash ends in 11 days 22 hours ~ so I don’t know if they are giving out doubloons til the very end, but if they do you will collect enough to get Maggie. If you honestly have logged in daily and have not missed any days then send support a message and see how helpful they can be.

How do you know you only have 8 though, where do you look to see how many you have?


Yes, I got 17 by now. Unlike prestige they do not pop up. I have to open the offer section in the shop to collect them. Hope that helps.


Arg, that was it. I had to go to the offer section. Once there, I collected the one for today and there was an additional ONE in stock. So I have 10 now. I did not know you had to go to offers section. They 8 I had were from pop ups. You can check how many you have within >inventory>general. I’m going to get 21 at this rate so I need to contact support in order to reach 23 for the Maggie…I should have 17 not 10. But, I’m pretty sure I know how this will go. Thanks R18-C4G3 and Ida!


Glad it helped, mate.


You will die sooner or later.


Ah yeah. I’ve been checking my offers like a hawk every day. I’m on 17/23 atm like the majority of my faction mates. I don’t know if support can help you here mate. It might be an idea to outright buy the doubloons in the shop to make up the shortfall for Maggie. Good luck anyways.


You can buy them. I find it doesn’t appear in offers for me everyday so I click on the button where you redeem them and go where to find and it pops up