Carnival #1 finished, but I did not recieve 5★ Ascendable Maggie “Something To Fear”!

I have recently finish the event “Carnaval of Dead” 23/23 cache 1/2
I have the message with the avatar, i have unlocked Maggie “5★ Ascendable Maggie “Something To Fear”!”.
But i don’t see her in my groups/equipe. Why i dont have? i have misunderstanding the reward?
thanks & regards.


Inbox rewards section maybe? I‘m guessing. I don‘t have her yet.

She goes straight to your roster

Straight to roster and being so low, she might be mixed in. Don’t worry, she should be there!

I have 3 yellow Maggie’s counting her and I had to look to find her.

Or they bought crates with the tokens from the shop daily. No need to go to VK to be finished early.


Well I didn’t know crates were on sale anyways.

Did you find her in your roster @YorozuyaYato?

The tokens you can buy in crates…

Why were you so quick to assume hes hacking or buying from vk!? Play the game and pay attention. This event has been going on for almost a month and you didnt realize you could buy extra doublooms!? This makea me so mad just because someone is advancing faster or has something you dont automatically they are cheating somehow! This happens everyday on the foruma and gloval chat people wrongly accusing people of cheating all the time. I was called a scopely employee cause i pulled jessie and winter shiva in single pulls! Stop accusing people without knowing what the hell tour talking about! And this isnt a personal attack on just you endureandsurvive guy this is a PSA for all the scrubs out there.


When you post on a public forum you can’t control the Feedback you get

Im not lashing out but it bothers me that thats always some peoples first resort is to accuse someone of cheating. That is a serious accusation! And the only two possibilites they could come up with is game glitch or probably vk. Scopely always sells crates, why was that not an option!? They could have just kept that comment to themselves. As should have you

Did you receive her now ??