Carl Surprise Box


Anybody try or get Carl today from the Surprise Box?

The Pop Up Offers

Don’t do it. I wasted 3K coins trying to get Shiva, but only got 5* tokens. You’ll only get Carl if you open the last crate.


I pulled Carl on my third attempt while a faction mate pulled all 30 and didn’t get him.


Well you’re one of the lucky ones. Awesome :slight_smile:


Someone in my faction pulled 2 boxes at once and got him.


All 30, no Carl.


6 pulls for me and nothing.


Well I did say it was a ripoff lol


8 pulls…No Carl


30pulls, nothing.


Fun times


That crate is such a bad move imo , they removed Carl and played with the emotions of those desperate players who still doesn’t have a Carl to make them spend like crazy trying to get Carl but getting just tokens instead…and now they just readded him and shiva into 5* tokens wheel


And they readded him to the wheel…


Lol why is everyone replying to me? They must be my biggest fan. :wink:


wow 30 pulls yikes!



So we tell @kalishane that we would like the opportunity to acquire Carl, in roughly the same way Mirabelle was thrown at us during the first 6* event.
(Got 3 of her from that wheel)

Scopley decides to make you pay for it and 99% not get him.

Well, atleast we know she took it to the team.


Can we ban all image macros? FFS it’s not 2006 anymore. Next thing you know people are going to post that annoying toddler fist pump macro because they are new dads and hormones have overtaken good taste.


I did,1st pull


If it was a bad move, then why is there a thread about what people are pulling from it? Seems like they baited you suckers right into it!!! Well played everyone.


I got Carl from prestige wheel the other day for free lol