Carl-Seekers Anonymous


This is a place you can go to to vent your anger if you still haven’t gotten ascendable carl…

I know I’m kinda annoyed.


Preach it!


Fuck 5* tokens been trying for several months for nothing


So i was in this boat not 2 weeks ago. I really wanted to make a melee team, so i got Green Abe. Literally the NEXT pull i got Carl. Scopes just wanted me to waste 24k rings


I got a six star Shiva on a one pull and still no Carl


prestige is way easier to get him thats how i got him but ill fit in saying ugh


Congrats @Anthony. All i get from prestige is 4*s


it does say chances inprove with pulls


I didn’t have him until a few weeks ago. Then I got him from prestige. A week later I got another from 5* tokens. Now I have 2 one eyed kids running around


Nice to see I’m not the only one struggling… been building this up for months anticipating him…

Wyatt = stun
Shiva = stun
Maggie = abs def
And I have a stun weapon for Carl…


Mind putting one up for adoption?


Sympathy for those who don’t have him. Remember the day I did. Hard to imagine I got Shiva from a Elite token but Carl eluded me for a long time. But with free toons like Eugene, I guess there’s still defensive options. Not a whole lot but still some. But hey, I’m massively envious that I still don’t have Shieldchonne but I pulled Barker.


Same it’s basically another 4* wheel


Keep trying, I’ve been playing this game for over a year and finally got Carl today through 5* tokens.


take take. take and be merry. they all extras anyhow. oh wait…:innocent:


T-that’s just mean man


I couldn’t play during the Eugene event, pretty much everything I had to play the game on broke soon after that event began


Damn you!

Scopely dont want me having 5 and you got 7?!

:rage:. :grimacing:


sorry! like an alcoholic breathing that druken breath into somone whos trying to live that sober life! lol


Just pulled my 5th shiva, still no carl :frowning: