Carl Defences...Help me PLEASE :(


I have a pretty stacked roster with decent characters. But since the release of 6* Carl there are a ton of teams that are just unbelievably buff.

Raiding has taken a massive swing from quick win raid or quick lose raid in 1/2/3 turns to this 5+ turns. Maybe you guys thought Mirabelle would counter it and ive tried all sorts of ways to beat these teams with no such luck.

How does the rest of the community deal with them?

Abs def shields and buff chars not forgetting pyria and shiva behind a Carl is so so frustrating!

I’m looking for some tips, relying on these towers makes me feel powerless!

Cheers peeps. Keep on Surviving


(aside note, since it takes longer to kill these teams my faction has seriously struggled ending certain match ups and has doubled the amount of time we spend against 1 faction. I preferred the quick win or lose raiding, but oh well got to adapt hey new meta and all)


Take in a Neutralizer. Helps immensely with Shiva/Priya support characters.

Focus Zeke as fast as possible, neutralizing him along the way. Whether it’s his shield form or his SR form that has health regen, he is not to be messed with. Leaving him to the end is a mistake.

Hope and pray that one of your Mirabelle procs puts Carl out of commission.

Take in a rainbow team to deal with the various types of shields - red (Garret, Konrad), yellow (Michonne), or Green (Lee).

Priya is pretty squishy, but not when she procs her AR. Make sure to get her down asap.

Carl takes a while to get his AR going and it’s not too spectacular yet. However, with a SR Regen Zeke, this can become pretty horrendous. Focus Zeke at all costs!

– Since you have a Mirabelle lead and you must always prepare for a shield character, your teams could look like this:

  1. Mirabelle lead with 1 more red, 2 blues, 1 green
  2. Mirabelle lead with 2-3 blues, 1 green
  3. Mirabelle lead with 2 reds, 2 blues (but yellow Michonne will rock you)


This guy will make work of any carls and shivas when he’s out so save up coins for his promo or if you have enough depo point buy calm before governor should help u out


This Gov is supposed to be ascended from “The Calm Before” Gov, avaible in SD, so i dont think there will be promo for him.

And i dont know if it will help you guys but thats what i run against all Carl teams: Mira lead, reb Abe with decapitate, Sr Zeke, red maggie (focus is really useful against all confuse effects that can be seen there, as well as human shields) and last place is taken by Timothy, any command would work here. When there is yellow michonne with abs def, which is the most popular, if i can command any of the 3: red abe,sr zeke or red maggie on turn 2, its mostly easy win, it still takes a lot of time tho.


My Carl team gets smashed all the time, I have shieldschonne with ab defense too. The one that gets me most often is SR Zeik behind Carl. Priya doesnt bother me so much behind Carl, just the SR Zeik and a shield…

And yes I run Carl, 6* Zeik, 6* Barker, 6* Tyrese and 6* Abe as my attack with great success lately. I know its not the best team but I am not bothering with details just yet. Brute force works for now.


when it comes to carl teams I always use red kenny, as lead, 6* Shiva, 6* zeke, green command jesus and sr zeke works like magic.


I use Erin lead, 6* shiva 6* mira sr zeke and command heath. Im usually cleaning up carl teams round 3.


Mira 6* lead(huge ap atk/def, 35atk), 2 maggies(one stun, one atk down, focus 2nd round till forever), mirasbobs(comm., stun,30def,huge ap atk.), 6*Abe(impair,40atk).

No Medic needed.


get stun weapons asap. i run all green team with 2 stuns on 2 javiers. that makes carl teams pretty easy.

the order i concentrate : yellow epic eze > shield char (if no stuns pop i use shiva’s stun on shield) > buff eze > rest of the team. any stunned character pushed back in the kill order


I run Shiva Zeke with a 35 crit, 20 def, bonus crit at +60% hp with mira, ty, abe, command Mira.t3 max for the sixes, t4 max for Commander. Long as RNGesus doesnt play crooked odds i can run one of the 3 turn 3 and thatbusually removes the shield, turn 4 usually have someone else ready to stun/taunt the offending confuse and then i start juggling stuns with decaps as it becomes available. I also have mira at active 6 so stun removal turn 2 is available and lets me do turn 1 a bit recklessly.


It’s very good to take down pyria ASAP but if you can’t take her out with five hits in the first round wait till the second and command a toon to squash her or all you do is make her go off on the first round


When?? Release this toon already scopes!


This :point_up_2:


I use the following atk team, doesn’t fail me much:

Winter rick lead, ascended yumi and ascended ty, blue carl and konrad.

First round, atk any toon that doesn’t impair or stun you. If a shield is present, next round, confuse with yumi. Either hit the shield with the others or defend. If all goes well, blue carl, red rick and yumi are charged for round three. And one toon should be dead on the opponents side. Mop up in the following rounds.


No he’s not. This gouv is ascended from a new 5* and is actually in promo right now.
We don’t knwo yet what the “The Calm Before” Gov will look like in 6*.


yes we do know. he is a neutralise. The picture in the blog post for the new threat gov is wrong. They use the calm before gov in it :slight_smile:


Oh yeah my bad. Thanks!
Neutralize+impair is very good then. Definitely want to see him pop out in the depot :open_mouth:


I already have two of him :smiling_imp:


I don’t and last week I had him on the sale in the depot but in the prestige 13 spot :confused:


Stun swords are insanely helpful vs. Carl teams.