Carl active skill


Carl’s active skill gives 20% AP to an already fully charged character, regardless if there are more then two characters not fully charged. Even if only one is fully charged, one 20% AP is weasted.


They say it’s suppose to be fixed in next update I believe, I reported same thing and that’s what I was under the impression of.


I run the latest beta release and no fixe yet. What means “next update”?


I believe this has been fixed on the iugo side. I’m pretty sure we are waiting on scopely to put th fix live. Waiting since mid October


sometimes it also gives the ap bonus to impair/stun teammates :frowning: they acknowledge is a bug, when they gonna fix it ? who knows…


Same thing applies to shiva confuse rush. Same issue. If you rush two consecutive Shiva it will confuse the same two forever


Any news when this will be fixed? This update didn’t fix it…:frowning_face:


AP targeting has been fixed by our side already, but as it require an app update, it is not as fast as a data issue to put live. Regarding Shiva, I just tested here a team with 3 Shivas, and I used 3 consecutive ARs and each time a different fighter got confused.

Siqqid's AR glitch or game mechanic?: AP given to a teammate with already maxed AP

Shivas ar doesnt allways do it one live it seems. Atleast how it feels like


Tested and shiva doesnt allways apply confuse to none confused targets over people who allready has it.

5 targets left, killed 1 with shivas Ar. 2 gets confused, 2 aint.

Killed a none confused target with my 2nd shivas AR. Confused did not get applied to the none confused target.

No focus involved on enemy team.


Targeting for confuse is random, as any other effect. It could pick the previous target, but it is not the same forever as @Elyssa stated.

Check here:


Misinterpreted your post as i thought confuse should prioritize those not affected first by what you said about a different fighter getting confused each time:)


Sorry, I didn’t want to mislead like that. Confuse status works similar to any other, it is randomly picked.


Damnit, was hoping for a even stronger Shiva😎 Thanks for clearing it up so fast tho:)


Thanks for your clarification. I really appreciate.


So when can we expect to see this work correctly?


I just did it with 2 shivas rushing both usualy end’s up with 2-3 confuse toon’s. With luck you get 4, but it usualy’s confuse the same toon’s or just one more.


It will most likely be in the next app update.


Notice that Shiva always prioritizes the damage target to apply the confuse effect, she will only try to pick two non damage targets if the primary target is killed by her AR. So if you try to use two consecutive ARs to the same target, unless you kill the target, you won’t have 4 confuse status.