Carl 5* legendary


It hurts in my soul every time I get a 5 star character in search of Carl ascendable and I get every nonsense, it really gets to the point of frustration since several have like three or four. I do not know whether to keep my chips and wait for the roulette to change.


How bad is your team.

I’d save and get a good qty of tokens then only pull as needed for lvl tourneys. But that’s me.


I’m over 100+ pulls without Carl


It’s not that I have a bad team, what happens is that for more combinations I do not have the same as his having Carl with me, as I say it gives anger to shoot and get characters and get the same repeated.


Oh my god 100 pulls



Im with you bro, no 5* ascendable coral since day 1 :expressionless:


The best place to pull Carl from right now are the elite character tokens. I know it’s hard, but try and save up a good amount. Maybe ten or so. I just pulled another one from there.


I gotta agree on this I pulled 2 ascendable shivas’ by single pulls with elite tokens


I had more luck on a 1 prestige wheel pull than I have been on the 5 star wheel since the update.


100+ pulls as well


Honestly, pulls are so horrible (especially in my case) these days. No more 5⭐s from prestige since Mirabelle. Not one ascendable from epic tokens once. I can’t even get a 5⭐ from premier anymore since I pulled Rosita back in March, I believe. Mystery Boxes are an utter disappointment as usual. I really need to shock my balls everytime I think of using tokens and coins.


I got my second one from 5* tokens last week. The trick is to not want him lol


No Carl here either.
Too many pulls to count.
So frustrating.


I am tired and very sad


I still don’t have a Shiva :sweat:


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