Captured territory, 2 teams in, and it dropped to walkers

A teammate and I captured Cattle farm. We both had a team added. The territory turned blue, but the next moment it dropped to walkers. You can see in the pics and chat log, cattle farm lost its shield, then we captured it, then it dropped to walkers all within 1 minute.

Yep the recent update didn’t fix territories or they pop ups,

That glitch happens quite a bit in territories. It is very frustrating to say the least.

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It is not the most frustrating bug.

Some days ago, I used 10 energies in hitting NTD. 8 restarts and finally I lost the territories.

That is why I propose 1 hit territory and no stacking. The programming logic is simple:-

  1. T = 0 second. System receives a hit request from a player. System updates the territory with hit lock.
  2. Say at T = 1 second. While others are now synchronizing the status, another request is made but is is locked. Return a hit lock status.
  3. The hit lock status remains 5 minutes or till a hit success/failure is received. so whatever happens to the first player does not affect bugs - no contest, walkering or what ever because, the 1 st hit request already locks the territory till timeout or hit success/failure is received.

Now the territory is creating unfair competition.

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