Can't we all just have a chance scopely? Make vip servers for whales move people automatically when they hit a big lot of money spent to there

No players are too blame the games harder for some then others .if people choose to spend good for them if they spend a lot give them their own regions and pit them regions against each other in crw and others f2p and very small spenders can have a chance competing against each other and they (p2w whales)can compare wallets . makes it fair for everyone


And take away any new toons , events , updates from f2p servers just give them basic 5* , cap them at lvl 100 , they not contributing to the game


Lel, i guess f2p will be fine with that :joy:
it will be a true test of game knowledge when everyone has the same pool of toons to choose from.

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i think wave 1 2 3 are doing that
getting all whales into wave 1, and they can’t come back
then close out wave 3

Not much to/worth contributing toward in this “game” if they made fun and rewarding events, fun stories/roadmaps, better rewards and milestones, if they fixed the game like territories crashing and if they actually had people working on RTS then i could see upporting it but as of now we RTS players are supporting star trek and looney toons and very little effort or care goes into RTS :man_shrugging:


Get those disgusting whales outta my face please

Problem is money spent does equal having anything of value. There are people who have dumped tens of thousands of dollars and have just 5*'s tons of 4*'s and maybe a few useless 6*'s. Now with (S)ucker Class it’s going to be even worse.

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Imagine dumping your wallet for imaginary characters that you don’t even own :rofl:
Only thing funnier than that is the fact that those thousand dollar toons are now useless since s class is here.


“Contributing” headass. You mean giving away money for pixels because you have an addiction to a mobile game? Ok buddy :clown_face:


You’re here arguing with someone about someone else’s possible mobile phone game addiction. That’s very dedicated of you. Some would say that type of dedication is along the lines of an addict. :thinking:


regardless of the reactions of people here, scopely wont do what u say anyway. they just cater to the big spenders, and tailor their game for these people. f2p can complain and suggest all they like, but scopely wont care haha.

the only times they even responded with promises were when they notice big spenders decreasing their spending.

And I doubt you even did decrease your spending in that time. :joy:

Then image doing it every year.


Smh wow why the hate p2w is 10% of players , everyone is needed. P2p support content and f2p and. P2p (light spending) give the game activity cause lets face it p2w play way less cause they don’t have to grind hard

I agree with fixing glitches and stuff but seriously people play loonytoons ? Are they under 10 , cause the games meant for 16+ I believe.

Idk i assume most play that for nostalgia, scopely is good at grabbing big names to lure people in. I tried looney toons and it was awful, wasnt gonna play it cause its scopely but i did give the game in itself a chance

I 100% agree with this. This company just won’t admit there r actual players that won’t spend no matter what, even if that means leaving the game or else ftp rly just want to enjoy the game with whatever given