Cant use 6☆ in Elite Rare Gear map?


What? Why can we not use them?


Yes, change it pls. They forgot to remove the restrictions


And this is why I don’t know why they bother to get anal about repeat threads. It’s not going to stop happening. Seriously though it’s like three threads down from yours (jk) :joy:

But somehow this repeat reminded me, on the old forum, Kali responded to this restriction. I don’t remember exactly what it was. Something about new maps coming in relation to this. I don’t know if that’s just a reference to the prophetic 3 parter legendary gear map.


Just weird they did this now, when they used to be allowed on previous elite and ultra gear maps…


Lol I already made a post for this earlier, so you could have just replied there, but yea watchout. Users will think that you’re asking for gear handouts and don’t need them on your team for the roadmaps. They did it too me. :joy: