Can't upgrade AR

Just wanted to find out if I’m the only one. I’ve used 1* and 2* fodder. I’ve used random numbers of fodder toons, from 2 to the max of 10. I’ve also tried on a leader, a citizen, and a soldier. Nothing. Already used maybe 80+ total fodder. :frowning_face:

Keep on going, you’re almost there.

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I feel they have definitely adjusted the rate for AR when levelling…i went all the way through T1 and T2 for a grand total of 2 AR levels. Thats not normal for me…and yes using 10x same persona 2* toons each time.

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Use 1 1* at a time

keep going to where? one toon went from T1 to max T2 with no AR up

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Its RNG bruv

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Ar lvling patterns has been weird for me. Sometimes 40 1* & 2* can lvl up a toon ar by three or more. Other times it takes more than 40 to lvl ar once.

By the way, I lvl using 1 toon at a time.

Just to point out, anyone who claims that “levelling using X number of toons each time” gives a better success rate is probably talking shit or suffering from a severe case of confirmation bias.

Remember, the odds each time are only about 4% so it isn’t surprising if you occasionally go a while without hitting an AR. On the flip side, I’ve had four AR level ups from a batch of 10 2★. It sucks, but that’s RNG for you.

That’s just how the game goes. I don’t use this toon he was just used for level up points and will be used as fodder but I’ve dumped at least 100 1 and 2 * rebels into him :joy::joy:

They have decreased the AR lvlup odds. Although you can see the % of success, the true code behind this is totally different.
In my case, my faction had 1 territory that gives extra AR success and i used 10 chars × 8 times in a row. The chances were about 36% each time and my toon of course didnt increased his AR.

What i see is that some toons lvlup their AR easier and some other, harder.
Sometimes using 5-8 chars have better odds for lvlup.

Never trust scopelys numbers, and RNG is not true. Everything is calculated carefully for money income.

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yesterday leveled a toon and got an 3 AR bump and 2 AR bump back to back using 10 2*. so i’ll probably get nothing for the next 20 tries.

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I’m convinced the success rate is fiddled with during Level up tournaments, but in fairness by the time i get a toon maxed they usually have a max AR to go with it

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I maxed Maggie’s AR halfway in t2. Of course it’s a toon I’m gonna ascend, so don’t need the ar :slight_smile:

There’s a territories that higheres that chance…