Can't test Faction Assault properly in Beta!


So give us a ton of 5* thats cool. Ton of gear…thats cool. Ton of food…thats cool. Ton of Adens…yup a shiz load…thats cool. But…trainers…BASIL. SERIOUSLY…and not no where near enough…not cool. Wanna know why no ones really testing? You forgot the coins…the only real reason people test stuff out in beta. Just a tip…
Oh and the main reason for this post…does Bennys cost that much to produce to throw us some!?


we should also get elite token pulls for free as much as we want


I recently joined beta and let my current faction know that I’d be able to test faction assault. They mentioned that they had been gifted a bunch of toons. I never got anything except 15 tokens. Can’t test without gear and toons. 15 pulls…1 five star the rest 3s. How are we supposed to give this thing a go without the teams to do it. also how do I get those toons everyone else got


Beta should just be given 1 of every toon and infinite trainers/gear/weapons


Check for update…if not write beta on Google+ beta page.


I requested to join beta months ago and never even got a reply.


My suggestion is dont do it.


try writing in twd beta G+ web or try contacting support…you might be little late at joining beta when the rewards were given, but usually u can ask them to give the reward to u as well as new beta tester


@kalishane can you take this to the team?


Spent 25 minutes levelling pretty high powered 5★ characters (well, they were high powered before 6★ came along). Tier 3 assualt, stage 3 or 4 (human enemies) and it’s like Level 300 Survivial Road on speed. Some fast chump one shots my Greesus.

They can give you all the characters you like but it won’t matter.


Yeah I ran out of basil ans couldn’t even get my 5* to tier 2 loo


I think Beta region needs to be rethought.

I mean, there’s no point in being competitive so give everyone awesome 5* and 6*

It’s kinda hard to be active there when you only have 4* and the ascendable byrese and zeke that were given.