Can't take tower from opposition


Cant take a tower from the other team without my game completely resetting… every single time without fail.


Same here. Kicks me out and takes my energy. Then when I get back on it shows the shield back up


Yep exactly same as me.


Mine does that too and when I load the game back up my camp is destroyed


Are any of you In Beta by chance?

its happening to me too, but not others in my faction, and I am in beta.


I am. And same problem


Beta. And happening to me. But a non beta person in my faction is crashing after every attack she does.


Please fix this, only 1 out of eight in our group can attack towers while the others are wasting cans for nothing




Is it now supposed to cost 2 turns to attack a tower now or is that also a glitch?


The last few have been like this. It’s no glitch. Scopely confirmed it is because the tower is much stronger.


And making it that much More costly to get back IS total game balance lol.


Same here, last time I’m gonna sign up for that beta bs. Constantly messing with my main account.


Same :pensive: Yes, I’m in Beta.


Happening to me also! Try to take MH takes my x2 energy and game closes, also beta!


Seriously… that made me laughing. It was veeeery important for Scope to make this buggy crw. A big slowclap to Scope.


Beta and also happening to me, try and take tower gets booted game resets and lost cans.


Same here, beta too. Has cost us energy and cost us wars, complete clusterfuck.


I just started getting this :’( attack tower get black screen then crash


Same here too! Wasted 3 cans before checking in here!! What a huge thank you to beta testers :confounded: