Cant switch region


Hallo people there are 0 other regions popping up in my switch screen ???
I allready send 10 support messages but all they say is that i just cant switch with my iphone 7 … well that sounds weird to me… mabey u guys/girls know how to ? Plz help…


Did you just recently start your account?


Yea i just started my first account


Same thing happene to me in Bullock. It is now open after a few months. I don’t know why they don’t let players know this, but I believe all new regions are locked for a bit to prevent high prestige players from coming in and taking over a region. I could be wrong @kalishane? I also sent numerous in game messages and emails to support, and they were 0 help, and gave me no info. I even asked if they could just transfer my account to a new region, so I could play with my friends, and they said no.
Unfortunately, you’ll have to stick it out for a bit until they open the region.


I’ve heard the same explanation, and that it’s a way to populate newer regions before they allow folks to enter additional regions.


This definitely wasn’t the case with Chilton. The region was filled with veteran players from other regions on day 1…


Chilton was an original region though, right? Not one of the newer ones?


No. It was opened in late June of this year


No idea there, then. I can only confirm that I’ve seen others ask about the locked region previously, and others say it eventually opens to allow switching.


It would be nice if they would just tell us how new regions work, and possibly keep an updated sheet of regions, newest to oldest, population count, and activity levels, but it’s scopely we’re talking about so that’s probably asking too much


Well i think its weird they make a game and all u can do is stick in one region and they dont even support you any way by dates or whats the real problem.
My friend who plays for like more than 1,5 years now he told me he can switch to all servrs he wants but he still thinks its weird i cant.
Even if i play now on and i switch to another region i will lose my lv’s i made in the other region even my chars.
Soo why sould inplay now anyway.