Can't start new in another Region

My friend can’t start new in a different region. He is currently in the Bledsoe region and is level 16. He wants to transfer to my region but his list only displays the one he is in. Is there anyway to fix this issue? Tried reinstalling the game and unlinking his social media accounts but still nothing.

They are protected regions till they r 10 months old I believe

No he has to play a while before they will let him start over in a new region. Its dumb.

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@LadyGeek may be the one who can help you. I’m not tech savvy or whatever its called. Good luck to you though!


They instituted this method about a year ago so big spenders and players with high prestige that get extra benefits didn’t come in and ruin new regions. There’s certainly pros and cons to this format, this obviously being one of the cons.

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I want to make a mini for my main region, on a diff device but my mini is in Bledsoe too.

Only two ways i know off to start fresh in the “newest region” game has released, whatever that region may be: 1) buy a new device or 2) factory reset your device. I always do #2 and it always works, for any game for that matter.

He is in the newest region available, as a result it’s locked from everyone until it’s about 3-4 months old, this was to protect newer players from high prestige people, as a result it can’t be fixed

Not necessarily. There are plenty of regions still locked for transfer, not necessarily the newest.

Bledsoe is the newest region I had to change devices and when I downloaded the game that’s where it put me as well. It also did not give me any other options. I’m afraid thy are stuck there until the region has matured