Can't skip scav missions with vids


So I can’t skip my scavenger mission early by watching free videos anymore

@JB.Scopely can u get someone to look into this

It shows the video icon on the skip button but when I click on it I only get the option to coin the mission

Anyone else noticed this?


It’s a bug, not supposed to be able to skip it until like 50 mins left.


Actually depends on if prestige level when u can skip I can free skip at 1hr remaining without the vid with prestige lvl 10 maybe ur right and it’s 1hr15 remaining that I can normally skip

Still doesn’t explain why the video icon is shown on the skip button when it’s not available yet


My statement was about the video skipping…


Either way, like I said, It’s a bug and that should honestly be the least of their worries at the moment.


If ur prestige 9 u can free skip at 45 mins u can video skip at 1 hours

If ur prestige 10 u can skip at 1hour remaining and video skip at 1 hour 15 mins remaining

I was confused but it is still showing the video skip button before it is available which is why I was confused lol


Yer agree it’s not top priority but doesn’t mean it doesn’t need reporting lol


It’s showing the video icon regardless of the length left or whether you can actually skip with a video or, as OP shows, not:


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