Cant skip raid win screen anymore


So now when you raid you have to sit through the rewards every time. Why take out something that made life easier? This is going to be a pain, especially during raid tournaments…


yeah it sucks


This. Sucks. So. Much.


This needs fixing pls


@JB.Scopely I have also have this feedback from the Faction…rather annoying and a time drain.

Can we please revert.



raid logs are also screwed up again…showing full health and no one dead


7430…enough to get the second place prize. I pulled Erika from the annerversary wheel so no matter what I’m happy.


cant skip :frowning: we have to suffer for every thing around here lol

well thank god the rewards screen is abit fast, just imagine if it takes few seconds for evry animations lmaojust like the victory screen does takes 5 seconds to come after any stage we clear, its just PIA


Would be nice if you adressed this, JB. We want to know if this is a mistake or on purpose. Either way it needs to be put back how it was before.


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