Can't sign in, game crashes

The game is currently crashing for me immediately after load. this happened before a few months ago and seems to be an issue frequently affecting a lot of players.

the last time this occurred they had to fix something server-side and it took several days.

Hoping to get someone’s attention to fix this. I’m a faction lead, 2nd rank faction on our server. Missing another war pull due to a game breaking bug might be about the last straw for me.


My game is currently crashing when it is loading. I was able to log in all day and now I can’t get pass the loading screen


me too i’m a faction leader top 8 faction

Yes it’s happening to many of us

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A bump for the cause

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Bump frustrating @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely

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Just woke up today hoping it would be fixed after last nights shit show and can’t get in either. If I miss out on my log in and my daily grind as well as war I’m going to be pissed off. I was due to finish my second pathways map today.

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I feel that man sadly I think this will only be addressed after the war and that being addressed then is false hope

Update: I am finally able to log in.

Finished outside of top 50 in lvl up bc I couldn’t log in to claim 100k.

Will definitely be unable to hit 200k in war , at this point 100 k will be a challenge.

I get sending out 50k rewards as compensation, but really I’ll be able to get those, it’s the higher ones me and others will miss out on.

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Along with crediting everyone the first 50k worth of milestones, they should have given everyone 50k towards milestones. Let all those who were affected start off with 50k and only need 150k to finish all milestones.

Still locked out here, 24 hours+. Support has been in contact but no resolution yet. My faction is missing the 4 of us locked out as we are very active in war :frowning:

I guess I spoke too soon about my issue being fixed. I was able to play last night, I hit 50k and fought in 7 or 8 wars.

This morning, the game crashed when I cleared a stage of the xp roadmap.

I am now once again unable to log in, with the same symptoms as before. Wtf.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely shall keep tagging union we can get back on this is really annoying

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I have been locked out for two days was able to start war, got a few wars in 26k then game crashed upon loading screen i use android and am linked to facebook, i tried another android phone and it also crashed with my account. Please fix!

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me too game crashing tonight this is bad u need my pathways

I was able to log in and play yesterday. This morning the game crashed when I collected 100k scav mission and I’m back to being locked out. This is bizarre and I’m frustrated to the point I’m about to give up on playing it.

I agree I’m ready to retire as well. This is beyond ridiculous. Scopely support has no answers. I just am kicking myself for spending on a game that treats its player like crap. Over 2 years and a lot of $ has been washed down the drain. But I guess live and learn.

Rusty hi buddy it’s Carts

Hey Survivors,

Is there anyone still not being able to play the game. If liaise with our customer support if this is not done already.


Still waiting for our compensation