Cant scavenge in scavenge camp [logged]

Hi! first of all sorry for my english
I’ve been hopeless with this bug that i can’t scavenge in scavenge camp, its only happen on my account in Bryan region . Support is not helping me much… always says they will get back to me… been waiting over 3 months now… tried everything they have said. Is there nothing that can be done to help play scavenger camp or will I be at a disadvantage forever… scavenger%20size

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So every time you click scavenge it shuts down the game?

Do you have other camps and does this happen with each one? Have you tried salvaging and rebuilding? Have you moved it to different spots on the map and tried there?(I know, random, but one of my farms wont long click if its on a certain spot)

I have been experiencing this same issue for the past couple weeks. Contacting support but to no avail. Have you found a way around it?

hi opie,
yes everytime i click scavenge it shuts down

i have been tried to convert every materiial post, move to different spot, salvaging and rebuilding but it didnt help

i have been tried to play on 4 different devices: xiaomi, samsung, lenovo, emulator bluestack, sadly it didnt help too. i managed to capture log from rooted bluestack and send it to customer support but they cant check/help because i used 3rd party (emulator). i cant capture from other device because its not rooted

hi gwyne.

not found yet, hope this forum can help me

Maybe @Agrajag or @CombatMan can help you with this. I know they are busy but I imagine they will see what they can do when they are available

the problem is fixed, thanks @CombatMan,@wrecks and all team scopefly

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I have the same problem, how i can send them a message? Sorry for this stupid question…