Can't remove faction members before war

As the title suggests, we have 6 hours before war but it says there is currently a faction event underway. We have people who said they were busy this weekend. We need time to adjust our roster before war. Please help.

@CombatDevIl @TheWalkerDude

wait until rewards are out and then you should be able to make roster moves

Rewards are out, same problem.

Could be that all factions are locked despite Scopely deciding only some.were worthy of having a level up?

The level up has been over for 48 minutes. Maybe since there is a countdown clock for war, and with a new update, it locked everyone? This is bad since we didn’t have any time to adjust rosters between faction events.

Well dam that’s shitty. We did a few moves after event chat opened but not sure if anyone left while it was up. We didn’t have level up though.

Hope it’s sorted soon for you

Still not fixed, @kalishane can you help please? Any other regions having this problem? We are in Miller.

Lanier is facing the same issue too.

Bleckley is locked still as well. We have many players trying to take the weekend off that cannot escape!

Also affecting Marion

@kalishane @TheWalkerDude @CombatDevIl

Resolving this so people could make moves would be great

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Expecting this to be ignored and forgotten to be honest.

It is Pancake Friday after all

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Have you received your rewards from the level up event? If not that may be what’s preventing you from making roster moves right now.

Rewards came in ages ago in Marion, for both the solo raid and the level up

Okay I’ll get some resources on this to see what could be going on.

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If this isn’t resolved before the scheduled start time you really should delay, this affects us with the extra level up massively. Especially with no time to make changes yesterday

Please fix this, happening in worth region as well and we have people wanting to join us before war that can’t leave their faction.

We have several people who received rewards over an hour ago. Guy trying to join us for crw is literally locked in by this message.

My only thought would be someone put the lock to extend for the Countdown and it now considers it part of the event…which means we literally had no chance. etween events to adjust for weekend warriors and thoae busy with IRL obligations.


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God I hope it’s not delayed I only have time for the first part