Cant play game restarting ALL time

Hi, I have the beta version and the game is restarting all time when this message frontal the club appears.

Can you please open a ticket with support via their web portal? Include your in-game name, faction, region, and level for them to more easily locate your account.


Do you have the link for the beta testers to report issues and bugs?

No, but if you message customer support, I’m sure they have it.

I just posted my own thread didnt know it was an issue for others cause my game just updated an hour ago and its stuck doing the same thing but idk how to report the bug or issue

Did you use the link I posted and open a ticket with support?

Support directed me to the forums :joy:

@TayTron ? For a reset loop? Why?

Are you f#%king kidding me? This is some :ox::poop: during Onslaught

And other areas of the game

Yea I clicked on that thing you posted wrote something out but it didnt ask me for my game name or anything I gave my email and told my problem and havent heard back from them and it’s been hours idk if anyone else still cant get in but it’s still in a loop of restarting

They’re not going to be able to find your in game account without that info, so to save time it’s best to include it when you open the ticket, even though they don’t require it to open the ticket.

They just finally replied to me and I gave then the info thanks for the link to get in contact

Now they are telling me to leave the program is that gonna do anything to my account if I leave it

What exactly did they say? Leave the program is a bit vague.

I’m trying to dl the poc oc what they sent

Unless they havent fixed the issue yet idk but u need to get on to help my fac and get them cones for priya I’m only 800 short of s ckass

Dont leave beta. You won’t be able to get into the game at all until live version and beta are the same. I’m guessing you asked how to leave beta? Because they warn you not to do it, but provide the steps anyway.

Ok what should I do and i told them i kept getting a screen that says processing for the survivors club and game restarts after I click of the game after a few sec

Ask support to fix the issue with your account and to escalate to the devs if they don’t have a way to fix it.