Cant play being a f2p , forced to buy 6*


The problem is the depor font worth selling character 1 5* there is 1200 i am going need to sell 50 5* to even buy 1 5* there


Sell all 3a to depot. I sued to sell all trainers too, but not i use them on legendary toons.

4s use for ascension to get more 5s.

5s if they are worthless outside of war/survival road use them as fodder.

It’s slow but manageable if ur activity is high enough. If your activity is beyo nd that of all ur faction mates, it’s time to move on. Don’t need to be in the same faction to have fun. I like battling friends, we share a lot of tips in how we might better our teams.


Persona trainers add up quick


I hear this a lot but have yet to see any evidence to support it. The same players & factions that have always dominated are still dominating, and will continue to do so. The complaints about 6* are not stacking up with the rate at which they’re ascending them.
Already numerous S5+ (or maybe only a paltry S4+ if they’re still hanging onto those Priyas they became attached to), double Shiva with double stun claws, several T4s etc. Apart from a few fluctuations in the 4-10 spots the status quo has been maintained. The notion of a free player even getting within barge pole distance of them is ludicrous.

Maybe the playing field has a slightly less steep incline, but leveled? Hell no.


You can also get ascendable Siddiqi from ascending 4 star blues.

I have to agree with Aegris. 6* haven’t really made a difference in my region other then the length of battles. It takes 5-6 rounds now instead of 2-3. Faction positions really didn’t change. The big spenders will always be on top regardless, they will have the best characters. I do spend but haven’t had any luck with great pulls. my best pull was revive abe. I’ve gotten carl, shiva X2, Negan and yukimo X2 from tokens. Sidiqi from ascending 4 stars Mirabelle and Abe from war prizes, Tyrese from an event awhile back. And the free Glen


are you playing the same game? The best teams as of this moment is Carl lead (f2p) guardian zeke(f2p) , Shiva (f2p)/ Shieldchonne or lee(f2p) and one other normally someone like sr zeke (f2p) or barker ect (f2p)
Range is the exact same. mira lead (f2p) tyrese (f2p) abe (f2p) ,yumiko (f2p)or a 5* like monica(f2p/p2p) or revive abe (f2p) ect and a shield which is p2p for range,
The only real p2p character released is that new governor, but the free governor relasing at somepoint is the exact same.strength wise if not better
And lets not forget the weapons you mentioned which are all bound weapons so if your p2p or f2p you have the same chances at getting specials as most people dont coin them

At this moment it doesnt matter if you have spent 100k previously or nothing pretty much everyone has the same team , meaning that the playing field has leveled


The top factions have the highest activities and expectations of their players. They have all jumped on ascending in order to maintain the status quo and are continuing to grind as hard as ever.

The field is very level. F2p with a few decent pulls are now some of the strongest players. Even p2p won’t get u very far, as there is no huge advantage any of these toons give over others


I am only getting shitty 6* like Sandy , fucking López … The problem is that i am not recieving any ascendable , and that makes so unfair , i am in a top 8 faction and i cant even get a 6*


The last few war results - If that’s your notion of a leveled playing field I’d sure like to see what an uneven one looks like. The war leaderboard’s been the same since well before the introduction of 6* (DI a renformation of D30 et al). But maybe my region is a law unto itself, I’d quite like to see any other regions who’ve seen a top 3 upheaval since 6* arrived.

The best teams being ftp is only a technicality. The only guaranteed toon for ftp players is Zeke. Yes you have to be pretty unlucky to not pull any other ascendables, but there are plenty in that position. Who gets the most 5* tokens to make pulls? Tournament winners. How do you win tournaments? By spending.
But for the sake of it let’s assume that they have those toons, and let’s even assume they had the 40x 5* needed to ascend them. Where do they get the 50x Liliths/Adens + 40x Ulysses + the gear to take them to T3 in order to make them viable in raids? By winning tourneys (yes Adens from war crates, but in over 200 opens since ascendance I’ve only seen 1). And how do you win tourneys? By spending.

I’ve seen plenty of ftp players that have teams comprising of 3/4 6* and I cleave through them because they’re stuck at T2 and have their ARs nowhere near where they need to be.

Weapons are the same - The armory was the original “field leveler”, yet how many P9s have you seen with windowless defenses compared to P12s? It seems the more you spend the luckier you get. 2x Shivas with 2x stun claws? There are players trying to get stun on atk for over a year, and some players are somehow able to get it twice within a month? Okay… And Shiva is pretty much the only 6* in heavy rotation with a bound weapon (I very seldom see Barker), so their windowless defense transfers straight over to let them continue where they left off. Again, DT/PK available for tourney rewards, and how do you win tourneys? Yup.

So no, not everyone has the same team. They may have the same toons, but strip away the tiers, ARs, and modded weapons and it’s like night & day.


Look at the matches you have 21 wins, my guess is they have double the amount of wars as you, these top factions still have higher activity than you so basing your entire opinion on that is silly.
and lets get this clear people in top factions arent all p2p players, as a faction i think we have spent less than 500 coins this war so spending doesnt mean winning tornaments activity does, they arent a top faction if they ignore 6*

Its also worth noting on your you need 5* to sacrifice in total i have used 10 5* the rest were benidicts and those 5* came from my excess 4* and i have 5 6* , sure i got lucky in the aniversary event and had been saving for a solo level up beforehand so had 8 on launch, the gear i also got from aniversarry event i have tiered 3 green and 2 yellow if you did the roadmaps that shouldn’t be an issue , and yes my 6* arent all maxed ar or active skill wise very few are.

In the armoury its all luck not prestige or spending unless they have bought the weapons, i went since armoury inception inly getting 2 weapons in 3 regions , but since 6* release i have got 4 more (p12 for your info), i have not spent on any of them, theres a few in my region who are prestige 10 with full windowless teams and people prestige 13 who havent got them

There the same teams weapons or not , your conception is that because the field is even team wise activity has stopped ,people in the top factions tend to farm more for level ups, they get more raid cans as there in more wars , and war more, so even if they gave everyone the same team and weapons the leaderboard is unlikely to change , sure there mor likely to spend but that doesnt win tornaments


nobody going waste gear on 4s for 5s to use 5s for 6s


Wrong. I’ve ascended at least 12 since ascension. Ot is a reasonable path, amd tje reason why the gear needed to do so should become mich more available. When it’s not lvl tourney that’s what my scav is loaded with. Would get more but I’m running shy on 4s toons atm. But as I get them i will ascend to get more fodder. I’ll become gear limited at some point, but I still have time before that happens.


It doesnt matter if you’re F2P or not. I’m not F2p (though i haven’t purchased an ascendable 5* promo), but I wasn’t lucky with the ascendance update. I’m “just” a 421k P11 player, but some people in my faction, up to P13, have been struggling cuz they havent been lucky either.

So yeah, i understand your frustration as a F2p player, but there’s people who spent money and have become dead average.


I feel your pain I’m a pay to play and I’m having a hard time also …


To echo other comments, i’m f2p got 2 6* - Zeke & Shiva with miraboobs ready for ascention - i’d rather have the Carl or tryese but i’m not desperate to ascend.

I’ve put the effort in farming & levelling so have got the prizes i need to get char ascended & AR’s upped.

yes people spend, but i happen to believe that spend or not, its all luck. Despite all the moans, this has levelled the playing field and left alot of players like me - top 20 faction, top 500 player - the ‘average’ player with a bit more to play for, i’m not getting completely battered in wars or raids.

I know it hasnt been executed the best - should have been more ascendable char from the start for instance but there is no reason to buy or feel forced to buy


I am in no way defending Scopely and rolling out 6*s way way waaaayyyy too soon, you can compete as f2p, its just not as easy. Sadly rng is the biggest barrier.


Even if you have 5s to ascend with the way rewards have been lately its hard to get 5 fodder to do it. Benedict may now be the rarest 5* toon.


So OK lets say that i have 40 5* that can be ascendable i can upgrade the 5* to s4 and use to win LVL up events that can give 7* gear , and with that 6* i can battle in the war because i have 1 6* that cant kill teams with 5 6*


The problem it’s too hard now , looks like my account was flagged for not betting 6* to try make some form of teams


That’s the problem you havê 5* that can be ascendable some people like me looks like got flagged and are the unluckiest personagem on earth , and that makes my team broken because i only have 1 6*