Cant play being a f2p , forced to buy 6*


Yup , cant face team full of 6* only have one mirabelle , my 5* hit the 6* and they just loose 50 health , i know that this was supposed to be “random” but i opened 10 5* tokens 400 elite tokens on my main account and NONE of the character was accendable , how i am supposed to even win Someone on the war only having 1 6* and they having 5 6* ??! Balance your game


U could always buy tyrese from depot. Also don’t u have the free zeke?


I’m a f2p player too and have 4x6* + 4 more toons which I can ascend :zipper_mouth_face:


I don’t even have Mirabelle. My only 6* is Zeke and my only ascendable 5* is Abe. I still get by. Sort of.


Like others have said above, treat yourself to a tyreese from the depo, an sr zeke from doing survial road kicks ass in an attack team agains 6s, green glen and red gov will soon be assendable so grab them from depo aswell, aim for siddiq from assendance… we got the free shiva zeke that’s current is the equivalent to a 6 sheild. Will soon have a 6* Dwight from current event, then abe, yumi, shiva, Carl, negan and Mira can all be obtained from wheels… eleit tokens still drops the recently removed from 5* wheel toons…

You can make some absolutely kick ass teams, especially with both a mellee and range 6* command being obtainable by f2p and what looks like the first nutralize toon to drop, support toons in the bag. and with the current rewards in a bad place for paying players because currently suited to f2p players to grab 5* tokens or prestige to aim for the attack, tank and leader cards can be easily obtainable… the release of the 6* has brought f2p back into the game really… the only 6* cards being sold are high damage, healer and tank… good luck with the collection :slight_smile:


SR Eze is cannon fooder against all these Miras.


If u are playing longer F2P u dont have to pay for win. Got also too 7 assendance Tons.

3 Times Mira :see_no_evil:


Y if Mira hits the Shield okay. But sometimes Eze doesn´t Crit. Or someonelese is taking the Shield down and Mira hits the Ezekiel. With AR he is 100% Dead.


Its true that it is Based Time Thing. U need to play much Events and put many Time into the Game if u want to have a Team which can also too Kill Top Payer Teams.


150days its not a long time imo :stuck_out_tongue:


It isn´t short either :stuck_out_tongue:


What were these people saying before you could get a shield without paying? It’s like everyone forgot that 6 months ago, a free player couldn’t get a shield, was getting crushed by turn 1/turn 2 offense all day, etc.

Almost everyone got given 2 free 6* characters. They’re making the ones in the depot ascendable and they’ve made it so you can ascend to make a cross region war 1st place reward. This is the easiest time to be f2p I’ve ever seen


I’ll agree it’s pretty good right now, but judging by the last two premier recruits, it won’t be forever. Yvette is like the new Connie to my eye, and this taunt 3 gov looks pretty heavy too.


Connie? The blue toon that was group attack, -defense, -attack? You lost me there


I’m still top 5 in my region, didn’t change anything for me


I mean the one that heals the team and adds extra health. She wears a red beret. I don’t see her often, but she is a real pain to kill, because she heals and adds extra health. Add a revive toon, and there used to be real problems. Not so much now that 6*s are in and buffed to the nines…




You just need to make do with what you already have. Im also a f2p player. Its a given that you cant fight paying players on equal footing but that doesn’t mean that you wont be able to defeat them ever. Try to stop thinking about your losses, move on and better your roster . I’ve only been playing for 4months but i have 4 6* rn with 1 more on the way.


I play in a top 2 faction and compete with the other top players in my faction and I’m a F2P player. Never even bought the monthly pass. My team can bounce some of the best players in our region. You have to just keep grinding and work on weapons. Weapons can take an avg team and make them one of the best. Keep surviving!


Many people on the 3 top factions of my region are f2p.

They just farm a lot of coin’s to fight war’s and do not spend on the wheel. So they can contribute for their faction without spending any cash. With so many tournament’s giving away 5* tokens, most managed to build either Mira or Carl team’s. Right now all f2p have the same chance to fight a whale since the best toon’s are on the f2p wheel (5* tokens). And we have an armory faction for those who want to try weapon’s and since we all get a lot of kit’s and tape’s from lvl up, everyone can get good weapon’s. So if you are not on the meta right now you are probably not playing enough, and that does nothing to do with spending, since you know it sometimes take up to 3 big pull’s to get a premier toon, no one on my region is trying more then 1, 2x 10 pull’s cause it is a waste of money after the release of 6*.