Can't move my account to a new phone

i have a new phone, no chance to move progress from old phone

Do you have your code account? Have you linked your account to Facebook? Have you payed an offer or the club and keep something to prove it?


If you have facebook linked to ya account login it and ask one of your faction mates to help with the transfer so you dont fuck up and overwrite your data.

If not do you remember your acc code? If so you can ask to get a transfer but you have to have a receipt for a purchase to prove your verification of it (SC free trial does not count) Send support the pic with the purchase and they’ll transfer. If you dont have your acc code, or a facebook link. Your out of luck unless you still have your old phone with the game installed. If it’s not facebook linked your in luck. Use your facebook acc (or make one) and link it to the acc. Or make a 0.99 purchase go to google play store (or apple store) and screenshot the purchase.


i have account code

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Good. Have you made a purchase?

Be very careful same thing happened to me I lost my account got it back but a big friggen headache

Try to not overwrite ur old account, scopes wont give u ur old account back, even if u had a receipt or if u bought a lot of stuff from them

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no, buy sth?

Shit. Unless you still got your old phone with your data. Get a money card. Buy a 2.99 or 0.99 offer.

Than go to google play store, or apple store. Screenshot ya receipt and show that to support.

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