Can't log into game after I join chatooga region

Hi, I wanted to join chatooga to check that region so after I played the small tutorial I got the message that the account transfer has successfully completed but the game freezes and I can’t do anything else. Any ideas?

This has happened to other players. Please reach out to the support team via the web portal at . Be prepared to establish account ownership, usually via a receipt from the App store or Play store showing a purchase. It also takes some time, unfortunately.

Is this because you tried to transfer a main account over an alt account?

No. It’s the same account. I simply wish to joined another region to check the situation there. And each time I log into game I play the tutorial, then prompt for a name then the game displays successful transfer and the screen freezes

My region, eh? Chattooga is doing well, got a few people coming in from transfers but other than that, a-okay. Crit sharing is still a thing, best of luck with whatever bug is going on.

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