Cant load game. Stuck at prestige daily screen

Hey, a faction mate for 3 days now cant load his game. It opens, gets to the daily login, and shuts down. Constantly on a loop. He has tried uninstalling, cache clearing etc. The only thing he hasnt tried is trying it on a new device as its unfortunately an unavailable option atm. We really need this sorted before war.

Any one able to help?

Try bluestacks.

Sounds like he used game guardian and sped up enough time for the prestige rewars to show up, or changed a value of a toons hp/def/strength. Both can cause the game to crash loop. If this is the case he can email support and they can purge the issues… but it will take months
(Same thing happened to an old account of mine for these reasons… lol)

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Oh right thanks ! hes emailed support with no reply as of yet

Still no luck. Supports so unhelpful. Whats the deal :roll_eyes::persevere:

No game guardian was used also btw.

Hey miller stalkers, “no game guardian was used”. As in game guardian wasnt used. There was no game guardian used. Amazing right? Stop being so salty in global lol

They should for sure try on another device. Go Miller!

Had this same problem for several days…restarted my device and the game worked just fine :slight_smile:

Games been uninstalled and everything. Now having issues transferring it to a new device and 17hours now with no customer support reply.

Soooooo lame.

Hey fellow miller crew :v::ok_hand::smiley:

He still hasnt heard from customer support.

This is so ridiculous.

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Has he reset his phone (device)? Like factory reset. That may work. And he should have no issues transferring if he linked to Facebook. Also, if he has another device he can ask support to move it (from the new device) by showing the most recent purchase receipt. That may clear the issue.

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Its not linking. Hes tried thru google play. He has sent support receipt purchases and acc codes with no reply still.

So hes tried to reset device, etc and then now has a 2nd device and has lodged a ticket to get his account put onto it with no reply.

Hes had absolutely shit luck/ no help for almost a week. Surely this shouldnt be acceptable

I sound a bit defensive n grumpy i dont mean to so i apologise :joy: im just frustrated for him. It shouldn’t be this hard. Hes got his proof of purchase and everything sent through

Surely it shouldn’t but have you tried to get anything done with Scopely? There are enough players they’ve dicked around to fill a black hole. I have no clue how to fix your issue besides what’s been said but good luck trying.

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Thanks! And yes your totally correct.

In the mean time he started a play around account and has already nabbed a roster of 4s. Those fkers took me months to get :joy:

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