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This is old, problem from before. Just wanted to show how incompetent and backwards the logic behind support is. Seriously.

First, I ask them to retrieve my account. They can’t without a receipt. Okay then, I give them all my other facebook accounts to ask them WHICH one is supposed to hold my high level account… nothing. They can’t say, fine then. I ask for ways to “show it is me” without having to resort to PAYING then showing a receipt. Because that is bullshit.

Okay, there are NO OTHER WAYS to retrieve your account even though you linked to a mail THEY told me was fixed last time. They could give me back my account with some details in the past but can’t now? Oh, it is because they gave account to people who knew their raiding team AND their faction chat? Something everyone can see?

Wait, it doesn’t end there. I finally made it to find a way to get back my account. How? By using my little brother’s Iphone AND from there contacting support. Send a picture(they DID put the got damn camera button available on the support chat for a reason!) or pictures, from both Iphones of me doing the whole process and with the help and comments from support.

Retrieval account? They can’t do it? FINE. I will find a way to do it myself because they are incompetent enough and can’t give me a solution that isn’t give them a receipt. The whole point of being part of the support team is trying to find ways to fix a problem, moreso if THEY generated the problem/said fixed it in the past.

Okay, so, THEN, after finding one way to do this to show it IS me, what do they say to me?.. they can’t “unlink both account or change places because reasons”… seriously? Oh, it gets funnier, because when I asked them before that one if it was possible they said they COULD if I could give them:

  1. A transaction/receipt number of any purchase made on that account.
  2. Account name(old and new)
  3. Account code(old and new)
  4. Main/Active region in old account
  5. Account level(old and new)
  6. Name of faction in old account.


I gave them last month ALL OF THAT INFORMATION AND MORE. The only problem was the receipt, so they couldn’t retrieve my account. That is FINE.

So, I decide to retrieve my account through downloading it by my little brother’s iphone. From there, I would go to “contact us” Send a picture of my conversation in my Iphone. Then a picture from my Iphone showing the conversation in my little brother’s Iphone. To change places of the account because he doesn’t even play this game nor does he cares about it. Which is more than fine.

In a way, this ISN’T an account retrieval anymore because I would already have my goddamn account. This is more of a little issue and you CAN fix it without a god damn receipt when I can ask from FROM my account itself AND send you pictures of the whole god forsaken process.

They said they could change places of the account in a message before, then they said it is beyond their abilities. Seriously. I tagged(or I think i did, tagging is weird) all the admins or close to it people from this forum but I swear they wouldn’t even help me. Cause they didn’t answer last time which can be attributed to it having a bad Topic Title but whatever. Can I ask for help FROM THE FORUM please?

Old topic from Christmas when sh** went down.


Well since scopely is making up rules, there definitely should be one on forums pinned up in “How to retrieve lost account”. This is the problem I was talking about and it gets buried or trolled by scopely+affiliates - how to transfer account if you don’t have facebook attached and you don’t buy or haven’t recently? What if I lost facebook account details? What information do I need stored/possessing if it happens?

And as always this will be forgotten/ will remain silent.


That doesn’t make sense, they can analyze accounts, ip adresses, logs etc. Forcing someone to buy to prove ownership also is humiliating - spending is done over google play acc which is not and doesn’t need in any way to be associated with fb account (I don’t have iphone).

Edit: if receipt is req for proving, scopely can add option for 0.00$ buy with receipt, there problem solved.


Like I said mate, they will be silent about this. One of faction players had same problem, I tried to get help then from alex scopely on old forums which resulted eventually in banning and deleting whole thread. Representative of scopely then said that support was solving it and they are in contanct with him which was lie, cause I saw replies on gmail (there weren’t any).

Since this is 2 year constant problem that they sometimes solve, mostly not I expect another broom and carpet work.


I have mixed feelings about this new policy on account retrivals. I do think it’s wrong for them to suddenly ask for a receipt of purchase when before all they needed was some information. In the past I’ve had many faction members who were not linked to Facebook retrieve their account by just answering some questions. But I also see how it was way too easy to imitate another player.

  1. Account name - public info
  2. Account code - some factions would request this to be invited via “Invite a friend” or people would post screenshots of their % of xp needed which also showed their account code.
  3. Account level - public info
  4. Name of faction - public info
  5. Identify Defense Team - easily obtainable when you raid someone.

I remember seeing complaints in the old forum about players logging in to see their accounts nuked. Everything including their town was gone. For this reason as well as trying to stop VK transactions, something needed to change. However, there definitely needs to be a better way for those who are legitimately trying to get their account back.


Yes, and now we’ll have more dead accounts like this. I have no idea how this stops vk transactions too, it is related to account transfer.


VK can take them over and sell them?


They can take them over with fb account theft, I haven’t seen them ban fb account usage. They can steal account with emulating phone ID. Account code is only avilable to users. Why would I share it? It is same as all above info.

Edit: vk is social network…


Meh, anyone here knows if linking my low level account which imma stuck with to another phone would free my CURRENT phone and let me link another account then? Gonna ask the community cause scopely is surprisingly afk.


Yes, I used emulator for that to remove old account from phone.


They’ll take it to the team! Keep surviving!


The free offers we claim in the shop should include a receipt, this would solve all of this “must have a receipt” nonsense.


Tapjoy offers? I wouldn’t mess with that since scopely and tapjoy always are throwing ball into each other yard when it comes to responsibility.


I mean the ones that pop up in the shop under the offers tab, if I tap on that it should generate a receipt.

It’s not really a bill of sale since it’s a free offer, but a receipt showing that said offer was claimed


Sony does it with PlayStation store purchases that are free for PS Plus members, it gets annoying but could help this chap recover his account


Oh like bags we are picking up for this crappy event? Indeed they should generate.


Yes sir, even though they are free they should generate a receipt because they are being claimed through the offer section of the in game shop.

Oversight on scopely part imo.

Issuing a receipt would protect both scopely and player.

Scopely can prove that player did in fact claim the freebie (prevent double dipping or prove someone is scamming)

Player can use it to prove they legit own the account


Scopely logic


Welp, I solved it. Fu***** finally.


What did you do?