Can't go back to a faction


After one of our teammates got kicked by mistake and send him an invite to b back with us… But no luck. He didn’t get any and when I send again it said that an invite already sent… So is there any other option we can have plz??? Need help war coming and we need our family together again


Open faction, he joins on his own, close it up again


Thanks for responding we r on it… :slight_smile: thanks again.


Np. Turns out I can be helpful in amongst the sarcasm, pedantic-ness and profanity


How do you accidentally boot some1 I’ve been running factions since April 2017 and never did that once


Sorry April 2016


Sounds like it was intentional some1 seen mutiny about to happen so they said it was by mistake


It is not. Just a misunderstanding in a. Name that’s all. One word can change a lot. And too many coleads can do that too. Plz don’t assume without proof


If he was kicked even if the faction is open he cannot join. We have a crafting faction that is open & once we boot people sitting too long they have to request.


Ouch. He is away for now and we didn’t try it yet… Hope it’s not going to b like that. Or may b it will b different… Our faction is private may b it will work when we will open it :confused: :slight_smile: thanks tho :slight_smile:


Well an invite will work he isnt gone forever. He needs to stay logged on game for a bit sometimes invites take 5 minutes to show up


we sent him and all day long it wasn’t working :confused: hope it will work when we try again. And thank u :blush::blush::blush:


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