Cant enter in my main region


After switching from my main region to another region, when i try to come back the game think Im lvl 0 in my main region and ask me if I want to start a new game there.
Ive been playing there for 3 years, of course lvl 125. My friends told me that the account still there but i cant enter in that specific region.
Support doesnt help me. Can any developer help me with this?

Can somebody help me? I cant recover my progress in my main region due to a bug in the game switching to another región and trying to go back, I really need help from developers

I tried this with support but they give me predefined answers without solution

can you share screenshot? hide any kind of information related to account like account code.

Press “Link account” in options after finishing the tutorial. It may have unlinked itself somehow.

My account is properly linked to fb, my progress in other regions is saved, but my progress in my main region shows like if i where lvl 0 and cant go back. Ive been playing there for 3 years, and my Friends told me my progress still there, im in rankings and in my faction, but i cant go back there because in the change region screen my main region shows lvl 0 and ask me if i want to start a new game

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